June 8, 2023


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Vålerenga felt betrayed by a penalty - saved the equalizer in the last minutes - VG

Vålerenga felt betrayed by a penalty – saved the equalizer in the last minutes – VG

Color Line Court (VG) (Aalesund – Vålerenga 2-2) Dag-Eilev Fagermo’s men looked headed for a fifth loss in the last six rounds, but Ivan Näsberg saved one point. However, Vålerenga may have had reason to feel cheated against Aalesund.


Valringa’s Henrik Bjørdal came down on the field right after the break in the 1-0 spot to Aalesund. The photos showed that Christopher Barmen of Alesund kept Bjordal in the lawsuit and eventually banned Bjordal.

It got all Vålerenga players on fire. Coach Fagermo also protested.

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– This is a penalty. Eurosport expert Tor Ole Skullerud said Vålerenga was cheated when replays were flipped across the screen.

– It looks like a punishment there and then. I haven’t seen the situation again myself, but I hear from others that it’s clear, Bjørdal tells VG.

I threw my arm and might have stopped him on his way. Someone else might consider if it was a penalty, but I’d probably approach it with caution if the referee was blown out, Barmen tells VG.

Watch the highlights of the match in the video below.

By then, it was already 1-0 AaFK on the board thanks to Sigurd Haugen. Halfway through the second half, Torbjørn Kallevåg doubled the lead for Sunnmøringen, who then appeared to sprint to victory. This was not the case, however.

– I wasn’t expecting us to fail en masse after 80 minutes. We felt very solid, but then unfortunately we fell together,” Haugen told VG.

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First, 17-year-old Jacob Eng ignited hope by dropping him eight minutes before full time. Before Ivan Nassberg, who disappears from the club in a few weeks, equalized 2-2 after 85 minutes. In the end, Tobias Christensen was on the verge of becoming champion in Vålerenga.

Clearly dissatisfied: Aaron Dunham, who started the match on the bench, clearly showed what happened in the duel between his colleague Henrik Bejordahl and Alesund’s Christopher Barmen inside the field. Judge Christopher Huggins did not hear.

– VIF coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo tells VG it’s a powerful thing to be back where we are and when we’re under pressure.

Vålerenga has now played six Elite Series matches (two draws and four defeats) without a win and the discontent around the club has been significant this season. It ranks thirteenth. Alesund is in seventh place.

Aalesund Sigurd Haugen now has six goals in the Elite League, but could get more against Vålerenga. Early in the game, he took a lot of time with the ball alone with VIF goalkeeper Kjetil Haug. Thus, the cannons of Vålerenga were avoided.

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According to VG’s experience, Vålerenga had talks with Torgeir Børven (30 years old) about the possibility of a transfer.

Valerenga’s first real chance came when Peter Strand tested his shot from 18 metres. Alesund’s last defense, Sten Greatpost, was out in full force, but blocked 0-1.

Instead, the result came the other way. The aforementioned Haugen tore himself away from the Vålerenga stations and elegantly soared into the air at five metres. With his bra across his forehead, he stabbed the tango shirts in the lead.

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The host team held 1-0 in the break, boiling between several players in the player’s tunnel.

“I’d love for it to be that way,” said Hogan Discovery, top scorer. Half an hour later, he failed to enjoy his goal much.

– I’m so angry because of two losing points. I’m enjoying the target when I removed it, says Haugen.

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