– Very raw – VG

- Very raw - VG
Friend: Jacob Oftebro and girlfriend Hana Chukron are up for this year’s Amanda Prize.

HAUGESUND (VG) On Saturday, movie stars arrived on the red carpet to take part in this year’s Amanda Award.


On Saturday, the stage was set for the 36th Amanda Award ceremony at the Haugesund Film Festival. Here, the film industry will select its best from the movie year.

Among those who have appeared on the red carpet are Jacob Oftebro and his girlfriend Hana Chukron.

– Tonight we have no children and we are enjoying ourselves. It’s totally ridiculous because there are only friends here. The industry is small, so there are a lot of nice people out there, and I’m really looking forward to enjoying myself with them, he tells VG.

– But I’m also very excited, I must admit.

Nominated for Best Male Actor, for the role in “The Great Crime”.

– it’s huge. I’ve never been nominated before, so I’m super excited. I am also very proud of my nomination, I did an incredible amount of work in this role.

Watch Jakob Oftebro in the trailer for “The Biggest Crime” here:

– so frustrated

– It’s so raw. It’s not often that I’m offered this kind of role, and I think this is one of the best and best roles I’ve had.

“Biggest Crime” has been referred to as a major Norwegian film, but it was not nominated in the Best Norwegian Film category.

I just want to say with my hands on my heart that we are very disappointed that we were not nominated for this year’s movie. It would just be a lie if I said something else. But while I think she’s a giant species, Amanda is the most generous award we have. It’s tough and there’s a lot going on. The fact that “Biggest Crime” was not nominated once says a little about the Norwegian film.

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Odd-Magnus Williamson arrived on the red carpet with his wife Tinashe Williamson.

– That would be fun. I’m excited and nervous, Williamson says, but it’s going to be a really good show.

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Show-ready: Tinashe and Odd-Magnus Williamson shine on the red carpet.

Williamson will preside over the awards ceremonies this year, as last year.

– There will be some roasting and hosting, and there will also be some steps and singing to try to get me back.

– I know everything he’s going to do, and I’m really excited about the step number. Tinashi says, I said he should not be disturbed.

It could go all the way, and I hope it goes well, says Williamson.

– Happy anyway

“Exit” star Pål Sverre Hagen also appeared in Haugesund on Saturday night.

– There is such a good atmosphere here. After a long pandemic, it’s great to meet people again.

He was nominated for Best Male Actor, and will also award an award.

– This is very beautiful. It’s a role that I’m very fond of, and it’s a character that I had a lot of fun making. I have many favorites that I think are worth the price, and that also goes for my own category.

– I’m happy no matter what I know today.

Awards: Pål Sverre Hagen awards Best Supporting Actress.

It’s “Ninjababy” Which has the most number of nominations this year. “Biggest Crime” came in second, while “Great” had seven nominations.

The Amanda Award consists of a bronze statue designed by Christian Kfakland and a diploma. Amanda arranges the AS Norwegian Film Festival and the Norwegian Film Institute.

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