Veterinarians Mosjøen is a new veterinary clinic in the heart of Mosjøen.

Offer that little extra

Vets Mosjøen is a new veterinary clinic in the heart of Mosjøen located in the old telecommunications building at Fearnleys Gate. They want to help the locals get a better view of their animals, and it’s not just the residents in Vivssen who benefit from them, they have clients from all over Helgeland.
Vet Solfrid Løvli Hundåla says it’s fun to help create local jobs.
We are now seven permanent employees and one has been hired.

modern clinic
The vets wanted to start a clinic with the latest equipment, and they invested a lot to give the client the best possible offer.
The progress has been very good since we opened, which is something we are delighted and grateful for. It just shows that more vets are needed in the area.

Diverse career
The clinic has chosen to split its operations in two, with the small animals it receives in the clinic, and the larger animals where the vet travels for hospital visits.
Vets say we have an interesting daily life where you often don’t know where to go before a client calls, or how many visits there will be before the day is over.

calm surroundings
In the clinic there is a Quiet Room which is a quieter room, a room designed to be a little more homely than the other rooms. The quiet room is checked, has its own exit, among other things in which the owner of the sofa and pets can relax.
Some animals need more rest and can easily get stressed when you go to the vet.
Some may not get along well with other animals. So this room is a nice place for both the owner and the animals. When the room is vacant, customers are welcome to use the room to accustom their pet to being in the vet. It’s a great experience to come here just for the rewards and cuddles from time to time.
We are happy to make such an offer for both the animals and the owner, it is just a care procedure
Everything, and to give that little extra to our customers and their animals.”

Annette is the first customer he meets, both upon entering the door and upon calling.

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Visiting Specialists
Mosjøen vets also offer visiting eye lights who visit them regularly
An ophthalmologist is an ophthalmologist who can screen for genetic diseases in dogs and cats, and perform more advanced examinations when investigating eye diseases. Now we have an agreement with one who comes several times a year and
Who has been here twice already. The next date is February 18. It turns out to be a very popular show where we actually have a queue every time.
In the long term, we want to be able to provide visiting cardiologists who will be able to do ultrasounds and heart scans for those who need them.
In addition, we are in the process of certifying ourselves as a cat friendly clinic, the so-called “Cat Clinic”, the gold standard for handling and treating cats.
To become a certified clinic, there are strict requirements for competency in a vet with equipment requirements and continuing education. Cats should also have their own waiting area and accommodation opportunities. We have a strong focus on constantly developing ourselves, obtaining continuing education and expanding our offering to our patients.

satisfied customers
Horse and sheep breeder, Laila Aalbotsjord is one of the satisfied clients of Dyrlegene Mosjøen.
Lila thinks Mosjøen vets are so great, they are always on hand for medical help and guidance.
When you trade animals, the help I get from here is alpha and omega, and no matter who you meet, you won’t be, says Aalbotsjord, for me vet Mosjøen is the absolute first choice.

Customer Lily Albotsjord at vet Mosjøen

on multiple platforms
As a new, modern clinic, Dyrlegene Mosjøen has a website and a Facebook and Instagram account. Customers can choose whether they want to use email, Messenger or phone as a form of communication. We also have a separate contact form on our website. However, if clients require emergency assistance, they should call: 75577177. Here they will have access to a 24/7 vet. The clinic includes all veterinarians who are involved in maintaining a 24 hour service for severely sick animals at Vefsn.

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she has You can read more about Dyrlegene Mosjøen.

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