View an overview of coverage and accommodation levels in your municipality – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

View an overview of coverage and accommodation levels in your municipality - NRK Møre og Romsdal - Local news, TV and radio

China Palace Restaurant is located in the basement of the Amphitheater Shopping Center. If you look closely, you can make out a spotlight on the restaurant’s black-painted ceiling.

Because the restaurant once served as a night club. Additionally there is a shelter.

But this is not one of the 600 public shelters provided by the Directorate of Social Security and Preparedness (DSB). shows in its overview.

This is a private accommodation – for those staying at the shopping center in Verdel.

DSB’s official overview shows only a fraction of the accommodation we have in Norway.

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Check your municipality

Until now, we citizens have not been told where the 19,000 private shelters in Norway are – or the capacity of each one.

But now NRK can present a general overview of how the coverage rate is across all municipalities in the country. The viewpoint has both public and private accommodation.

A municipality with a high level of coverage

table one by one
Northern Cape 136%
Vardo 129%
Rairvik – Rarvihke 103%
South Varangar 88%
Wow 86%

Addresses are therefore confidential

But you don’t know the exact address. That is, the authorities will keep it a secret.

– Some of these rooms, for example, are located in companies and businesses that have a critical function in a potential security policy crisis and war.

says the Chief of Civil Defense. Øistein Knudsen jr. Norwegian Civil Defense is under the DSB, with overall responsibility for shelters.

– Therefore, the owners of the rooms must decide for themselves – after a risk assessment of the possible negative consequences – if they want to post publicly available addresses.

On 17 March 2022, the DSB and Norwegian Civil Defence, Øistein Knudsen Jr.  Civil Defense is the new leader

Chief of Civil Defense, Øistein Knudsen jr.

Photo: Stien Olberg / DSP

Accommodations at Skular are private

Public accommodations are for everyone. These can be searched for when the alarm goes off. But it doesn’t work that way for the private sector.

Private accommodation is limited to those staying at the accommodation. Examples of private accommodation are office buildings, schools, nurseries, housing associations, companies, shops or hotels.

These rooms are built according to the number of people staying in the building. People who don’t own the building don’t want to resort to private accommodation.

Many municipalities do not have shelters

According to the DSP, around 50 municipalities have no shelters. One of these is the municipality of Aure in Møre og Romsdal.

But when NRK contacted the municipality, it was able to say that this is not true.

– We have three shelters that we use on a daily basis for other things, but they can quickly be turned into shelters, says Aarey’s mayor Han-Perit Brecken (AP).

The municipality of Aare houses, among others, the gas terminal in Djellbergoden – which the Norwegian Armed Forces began working on. Patrol After Gas pipelines were blown upA month ago in the Baltic Sea.

Mayor of Aare Municipality, Han-Perit Bracken.  She is in one of the municipal shelters.

The mayor of Aure municipality, Hanne-Berit Brekken (Ap), in one of the municipality’s shelters. This is a private accommodation.

Photo: Marius Andre Jensen Stenberg / NRK

– It’s about people’s safety

The Mayor is not sure why three shelters are not included in the DSP’s overview. She thinks it’s silly that the DSB doesn’t have a holistic view.

I think that’s a shame. It is about the safety of residents. It says something to my residents that if something happens and we need shelter, and we say we don’t have it, we actually have three rooms. So I think this is nonsense.

Even the head of civil defense admits that the outlook is dire.

– That view is definitely better says Øistein Knudsen jr.

According to Knudsen Jr. Shelters have not been given much attention in the last twenty years, but they are now working to get a better overview of this.

What if the war comes on Sunday?

But what if war comes on the weekend – when you and I are not at work or school – So where do we seek refuge? Norwegian Civil Defense says we will be notified about it.

– If the governing authorities want to use the shelter, we will go out with information about this, says Knudsen Jr.

He points out that it is important to get information on public websites or in the media on the day when it is appropriate to use the shelter.

– Don’t run to a shelter first, it’s more effective to seek shelter where you are. If accommodations are required, we will notify you.

According to DBS, only 135 out of 356 municipalities have public shelters. Although we have not had a direct need to seek shelters since World War II, the need for them is clear.

It is at the conclusion of the Norwegian Defense Research Institute (FFI). Report Since 2016.


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