Volkswagen recalls 230,000 cars

Volkswagen recalls 230,000 cars

It’s been a bad week for VW when it comes to recalls. The announcement, which came on Tuesday, applies to 110,000 cars from Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat.

The plastic cover on the engine can come off and fall on hot engine parts and melt. In extreme cases, this can cause the car to start burning. According to the German transport authorities, the KBA, they know of 16 cases in which this was said to have happened.

Test: The Honda electric car is inspired by the Honda Civic of the 1970s. It is also possible that many people’s thoughts go to the first generation of the best-selling Volkswagen Golf or other European hatchbacks from the 1970s/80s. Video / Reorter: Impla Hjört Larsen. Photo: NTB
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There is no solution now

The cars affected will be Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Arteon and Volkswagen T-Roc. At Audi, it’s about the Q3 and the TT. On Skoda, Octavia, Superb, Karoq and Kodiaq, you must return to the workshop for inspection and any repair.

The cars in question were produced between 2020 and 2022.

According to German Bildt, who first mentioned this recall, there is no way to solve the problem yet. On the first visit to the workshop, only the plastic cover should be removed. Later, an improved cover will be installed.

It can loosen: The hood can loosen and fall on hot parts and cause a fire. Photo: Skoda
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118000 Hybrid Rechargeable

Yesterday came the news that more than 118,000 rechargeable hybrids should be withdrawn from the VW range. A Volkswagen spokesperson confirmed there was also talk of a fire risk German Car Week, Who mentioned the case for the first time.

The reason must be that the fuse connected to the car’s high voltage battery is not always working properly. In case of overload or short circuit, there is a risk of fire.

Volkswagen will recall 42,300 of its Passat, Golf, Tiguan and Arteon models, while Audi will recall 24,000 of its cars. Skoda and Seat are also affected by this, but the number of cars is currently unclear.

Popularity: The Skoda Octavia has for several years been one of Norway's most popular station wagons.  It is also affected by the recalls that Volkswagen is now carrying out.  Photo: Skoda

Popularity: The Skoda Octavia has for several years been one of Norway’s most popular station wagons. It is also affected by the recalls that Volkswagen is now carrying out. Photo: Skoda
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These cars were produced between 2019 and 2022. DinSide asked the Norwegian Volkswagen importer how many Norwegian cars were affected and if there were any fires detected.

Contact Norwegian customers

With us, it’s a three-digit number from fossil cars, but no electric cars, says communications director Lars Joachim Hansen at Harald A Møller to DinSide.

For Volkswagen, safety is the most important thing. Therefore, starting Monday, we will be contacting the owners to rectify this, which could eventually lead to damage. We don’t realize this has led to any challenges for clients in Norway, Hansen says.

He explains that Volkswagen regularly conducts internal quality control of models after launch, communicating with customers if they find weaknesses in components that could eventually lead to undesirable events, so that parts can be replaced.

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