Was shocked by the national team’s dismissal – and now he is leaving it

Was shocked by the national team’s dismissal – and now he is leaving it

He says on TV 2 on Wednesday morning.

– First I told people close to me. It was a bit strange and a few tears were shed. It is suddenly real, but at the same time it is good to make a choice. A difficult spring with lots of emotions.

A few days after the NM in Alta at the end of March, Keilo received the news that the runner had been removed from the national team.

This is despite some very strong results, including a sixth place during the World Cup race in Ostersund a few weeks ago.

Sixth place: Alexander Fjeld Andersen during the joint start at Ostersund. Photo: Anders Wiklund

He believed that, with many strong results, there should be renewed confidence.

– I was shocked when it was withdrawn, says an honest 26-year-old.

– It’s cruel, of course. But the breakdown came upon me completely unexpectedly. You’ll get a pinched feeling.

Fijelt Andersen responds to how he was treated.

– I’m disappointed. I have been with the recruitment team for four years now. At Alta we sat down and assessed the season. Three days later – without warning – I was suddenly not there. Do no wrong and you will be fired that day. The biathlete says it is impossible to prepare.

Fijelt Andersen worked with various options to continue his career – and at the twelfth hour tried to team up with long-distance team Acre Dehli.

In the end nothing came.

He adds:

– But at the same time, I can say with a feeling that I have achieved more than most people have in their lives.

TV2 has tried to contact sports director Per Arne Bodnen on Wednesday without success.

But do NRK He previously stated:

– I understand that he was surprised based on the results he gave, but there is a fierce battle for places.

Now Fjeld Andersen will become a full-time student – in Oslo or Bergen.

– He says it’s fun to do new things.

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