Washington Post article highlights Ukrainian colonel as mastermind behind pipeline explosions in the Baltic Sea. Marine experts don’t think this is true.

Washington Post article highlights Ukrainian colonel as mastermind behind pipeline explosions in the Baltic Sea.  Marine experts don’t think this is true.

This Ukrainian colonel is accused of being the main man behind the sabotage that targeted pipelines in the Baltic Sea. – I do not believe that. The Russians are likely behind it, one expert tells VG.


The American newspaper “The Washington Post” and the German “Der Spiegel” had a common story, which made senior politicians in the West fold their faces with a worried expression:

  • The claim was that Ukraine was behind the explosion targeting Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea in 2022.
  • A 48-year-old Ukrainian colonel named Roman Chervinsky was supposed to coordinate the operation, according to anonymous media sources.

The Washington Post and Der Spiegel reported that Chervinsky was responsible for logistics and support for a six-person team who rented a sailboat and diving equipment so they could go down to the pipelines and lay explosives.

German media have also previously pointed to Ukraine as the culprit. Anonymous sources said that investigators are confident that the perpetrators of the sabotage operation were in Ukraine before and after the explosions. Many other pieces of evidence also point to Ukraine.

Ukraine previously accused Russia of being behind the explosion that occurred in Swedish and Danish waters. The Danish, Swedish, and German authorities began investigations into the leak, and it became clear early on that it was a case of sabotage by explosion.

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Orlogcaptain Johannes Reber of the Danish Defense Academy has not changed his view on who is behind it:

– Once again there is an anonymous story. I have not changed my view, and I still think it is very likely that it was the Russians themselves who destroyed the pipelines.

– I think the new story in the Washington Post and Der Spiegel is weak and does not contribute anything new, he tells VG.

Explosion: Bubbles appear on the surface after an explosion in the Baltic Sea.

The war captain believed it was an operation that only very few would be able to pull off:

– With the sources we have now, it is most likely the Russians who did this. The fact is that this had to be done from a sailing ship – it would be very difficult to find the tube and get off a sailing ship. Not many people have any idea what it’s like to work underwater in the Baltic Sea.

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Johannes Reber points to Russian ships that were in the area before the explosion – and the possibility that a small submarine was used to carry out the operation.

Of the three countries investigating the case, the sailboat was only mentioned in Germany, says the maritime expert.

Expert: Johannes Reber.

Journalist Seymour Hersh launched a theory Norway participated – Along with the USA?

– Hehehe, brilliant! crazy! The warlord answers.

– Will this issue be resolved, in your opinion?

– It will be speculation. Investigators may be close to an explanation, but it’s not certain we’ll be able to come up with it. It may take many years before we know. Even if Denmark or Sweden knew about it, it is not certain that they would tell about it until some time had passed.

– But you do not believe in the Ukrainian path?

– I don’t believe the story that appeared in the Washington Post. Something more realistic will come first.

By the way, Roman Chervinsky himself did this He denied these accusations. Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda He also claims that the Washington Post article is false. They believe they know that Chervinsky has failed in many major intelligence operations, and that there is no way he would be able to do something like this.

The authorities in Sweden, Denmark and Germany are investigating the incident, but they have not placed blame on a specific country or entity. Russia accused the United States and Britain of being behind this sabotage.

Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky He flatly refused They are behind.

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