– We have a thousand crazy merchants – E24

– We have a thousand crazy merchants – E24

NYBORG, DENMARK (E24) Ole Robert Reitan believes the Rema 1000 and Uno-X are “a match made in heaven.” It remains to be seen if the shipping project will be as profitable as it appears in Excel.

Same philosophy: The Rema 1000 and Uno-X are both simple, accessible and aim for the lowest price, according to Ole Robert Reitan.
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On Friday, Reitan’s first 300-kilowatt Uno-X charging station was launched in Nyborg, just over an hour’s drive outside Copenhagen.

During the summer, the first comes to Norway. Thereafter, local power plants will largely constitute the bottleneck for further decommissioning.

Of the 3,850 Reitan Retail outlets in Norway and Denmark, the company identified 1,000 of them as being of special relevance.

And lightning chargers are most welcome, according to Rema 1000 Ole Director Robert Reitan.

“We have thousands of crazy merchants who want to get involved and install the charging station faster than we can deliver,” he says.

According to Ole Robert Ritan, the opening of Denmark’s first lightning strike charging station was a coincidence. This does not bother the country’s Minister of Transport Trine Bramsen.

Lightning charger in most stores

The first installation takes place on a separate Uno-X site, adjacent to the third largest suspension bridge in the world, the Great Belt Bridge.

Raytan says that investment in lightning charging in the future will focus equally on the Rema 1000.

– It would surprise me if most Rema 1000 stores didn’t have an Uno-X charging station in their parking lot in ten years.

Furthermore, Ole Robert Ritan is reluctant to specify his ambitions. Except for one, which Rima 1000 made sure to see all present:

– At some point in the medium term, I’ll be able to get into the app and see that there are a thousand cars charging on Uno-X stations at the same time.

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Raytan wears a yellow leader shirt

A few dozen people attended the official opening of the charging station on Friday. Among them was the Danish Minister of Transport Trine Bramsen (from the Social Democratic Party).

She took the opportunity to praise the new opening in the language of cycling.

Denmark’s Minister of Transport, Trine Bramsen, is pleased with Raytan’s ambitions for electric vehicle infrastructure.

The first three stages of the Tour de France pass through Denmark this year. At the beginning of July, 200 of the world’s best cyclists will ride across the 18-kilometre bridge between Funen and Zealand.

You can tell that the leader’s yellow jersey belongs to Reitan and Uno-X, Bramsen told those present today.

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– I gained a lot while waiting

Lightning charging on the Uno-X does not require a subscription, charging sim, or similar.

All you need is a regular payment card, says Vigar Colst, President of Uno-X.

Ole Robert Ritan explains that the investment that is taking place now is related to the maturity of the market and the price of the technology.

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– It is not always the case that the “first mover” is the winner. We are now building charging stations that were either very expensive or were not available a year ago. I would say we were fashionable conservatives. And I think we made a lot of money waiting for the market to mature and the technology to be priced appropriately.

This technology means that charging stations and cars “talk to each other” to see how strongly the car is charging. The maximum power is 300 kilowatts. The chargers will ensure the battery goes from 20 to 80 percent in 20 minutes, explains Ole Johannes Tønnessen, president of Uno-X eMobility.

Uno-X chief Vigar Kolest (left), Ole Robert Reitan and Uno-X eMobility chief Ole Johannes Tonsen are in a good mood.

He says the station’s technology is way ahead of that in cars. As far as the E24 is known, no electric car can charge a full 300 kilowatts today.

– We swell because we believe that development is moving in this direction. In 2027, most cars will likely be able to charge to 80 percent within 10 minutes, Tonsen says.

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Excited to see if the accounts arrived

The leaders of Reitan and Uno-X will not specify the economics behind the lightning-charging initiative.

– How long does it take before the first charging station is won?

– Of course it’s exciting. To see what kind of volume we achieve. But we have high expectations that it will be possible to sell electricity “on the go” with good profitability. We have a very good industrial concept. In addition, the cost price of the infrastructure is expected to fall, says Uno-X CEO Vigar Kolest.

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Vegar Kulset believes express shipping will be a profitable investment.

— It’s a reasonable investment as it appears now, Ole Robert Ritan agrees.

He says the forecast is currently based on calculations in Excel.

– Then we will soon have an answer as to whether the calculations correspond to reality, he says.

The Rema 1000 head says it believes in the power supply all the way from the perspective of immortality.

Uno-X is a transportation company. It was once a gas station chain, and once in the future it won’t be at all. We have to be part of that journey.

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