We killed two prominent figures of ISIS in Afghanistan – VG

We killed two prominent figures of ISIS in Afghanistan - VG

At the same time, the withdrawal of military forces from Kabul airport began.


The US defense leaders mentioned in a press conference from the Pentagon.

Officer William Taylor of the US Army said the US attacked an “ISIS Khorasan target” in a drone attack in Nangarhar province on Friday. He says they have now received confirmation that two “senior” IS fighters were killed in the attack, and one ISIL fighter was wounded. They say they have not received any reports of any civilians killed.

When asked if ISIS fighters were directly involved in Thursday’s terrorist attack outside Kabul airport, the answer was:

They were among the planners and facilitators of ISIS. Perhaps there is a reason for that alone, press secretary John Kirby says at the press conference.

“They are those who have the ability to facilitate or assist in the planning of an attack,” said Officer William Taylor.

Pentagon reporters questioned the two about what they really mean by “big,” what kind of intelligence they had about the two, and whether the two were planning — and who they were. But there was little answer to be gleaned from the highest defense.

The downsizing started at the airport

The date for the withdrawal of US forces remains: August 31. The United States continues to evacuate them, but Kirby stresses that the United States has begun to reduce the number of military personnel at the airport.

The Norwegian field hospital will be withdrawn with the Norwegian forces, but it is not known exactly when this will happen.

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Kirby says that US citizens who want to enter Kabul airport can still enter. They also say Afghans with a so-called SIV (Special Immigrant Visa) are still allowed to enter the airport.

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