– We see a great need – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

– We see a great need – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

It was blowing six to seven meters per second at Lista when NRK visited the power plant in February.

At this test facility at Lista Farsund Airport, electricity is produced from the sun and wind.

The special advantage of this hybrid power plant is that the wind turbine will produce more wind energy at night, or in winter when the days are shorter and the weather is windier. In contrast, more solar energy will be produced when the winds are calm and the weather is good.

Energy can be stored in batteries.

Now Norhybrid has started production with 250-300 wind turbines at Kitron in Arendal.

In Lista, Norhybrid has tested wind and solar energy production. The project is now being expanded.

Photo: Lars I/NRK

Will be delivered from July

The company will begin production of a few hundred power plants in the spring.

In Arendal, Kitron was given the task of assembling the facilities.

– We will start work this spring, and the first batches will be produced in May or June, says Sales and Marketing Director Trond Sørensen at Norhybrid Renewables.

Trond Sørensen at Nordhybrid Renewable Energy.

Trond Sørensen says they will supply power from the new power plant from July.

Photo: Lars I/NRK

He says they will be ready to deliver power from July.

One or two wind turbines with solar panels provide enough electricity for a household.
The target group is small businesses.

– We want to deliver to companies located throughout southern and western Norway. Whether it's agricultural or mechanical companies, Sorensen says.

He believes in the great opportunities in Europe

The company is also eyeing markets in Europe. They have great confidence in the possibilities ahead.

We see a great need for more energy, preferably renewable. I believe that these turbines will be able to participate in this journey towards a renewable future, says Martin Holt Nielsen, sales manager at Norhybrid Renewables in Norway.

Martin Holt Nielsen, Sales Director Norway, Norhybrid Renewables.

Martin Holt Nielsen of Norhybrid Renewables has great confidence in the project.

Photo: Lars I/NRK

Recently, among other things, the government signed an industrial cooperation with France. According to the government, the goal is to strengthen the already close relations between the two countries in the fields of industry and energy.

During the signing, solar energy was mentioned as a good opportunity for cooperation.

– The Norwegian and French sides are interested in the European solar energy industry. “We will therefore work together to see how we can contribute to ensuring that the expertise and technology of the solar industry, which is an important contribution to the green transition, is allowed to develop in the future,” said Industry Minister Jan Christian Vestre (AFP).

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