– Will it be confusing again now, router?

– Will it be confusing again now, router?

On Monday, there may be snow chaos again in eastern Norway. – Check the app, the router asks.

Snow and traffic chaos have marked Oslo for days so far this year.

– Yellow danger level. How much snow will there really be on Monday, Bureau of Meteorology?

– It will be a snow day. A total of 15-20 centimeters of snow in 24 hours. It starts quietly with a couple of centimeters during the morning rush hour, but mostly comes in the latter half of the day, says state meteorologist Terje Alsvik Wallo. It will be over by Tuesday night, he promises.

Met.no recommends this on Monday:

  • Allow a little extra time for traffic and driving
  • Use the correct tires.
  • Drive according to the conditions.

Some journeys may have longer journey times due to “difficult driving conditions locally”, it warned.

Rooter: I hope it goes as well as possible

– Now there will be confusion again, paths?

– We hope it goes as well as possible. We follow up hour by hour. All operators are in winter mode. But when there is a lot of snow, delays can occur, says Pernille Aga, contact at Ruter.

– Aga says we encourage people to check the app to see if there are any delays, and to reassure everyone that everyone has implemented and that “the procedures are ready.”

– Are we talking chains?

– Yes, among others. After a few weeks of such weather, everyone knew exactly what they had to do.

– What would you do differently to avoid confusion again?

– First, we do Further, We have experienced these difficult days. Now the operators take their steps and take action as required.

– Monday will be snowy as are the worst days of confusion.

– but it can spread over several hours. So the ploughmen may have time to plough.

A couple of minus degrees and a bit of a sour wind will be expected throughout the day, says the meteorologist.

— but Wednesday it will be above zero again, with maybe a little rain. Then it freezes again over the weekend.

– Then it will be even colder?

– It's a bit slippery, yes. Let's see how bad it is.

– A long winter

– It is a long winter, very cold, says Alsvik Vallo.

Meteorologists noted that the months of October, November and December were colder than usual.

– and January was so cold! We were 3.3 degrees below normal.

– Alas.

– Yes, but it is moving towards spring, after all, at least the calendar shows it. But there are no signs of early spring.

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