Weather chaos in Akhtar – several days in a row

Weather chaos in Akhtar – several days in a row

Many southerners woke up to several centimeters of snow when they looked out their windows this morning. The change in weather has caused major problems in traffic, and the Akter police district has reported many accidents: collisions, derailments, stalled cars, trains stuck on the hill.

At Steinsås in Arendal, a car skidded into the oncoming lane and collided with another vehicle. According to the police No one was hurt, but there was material damage to the cars – among other things, one lost a tire.

– There are so many cars on summer tires on the way to work here, it’s like Christmas Eve at the old lady’s house. It’s confusing, Olav Svalland, a freelance journalist living in Arendal, tells Talkbladet.

– Eighth workshop

Swaland has personally seen many accidents on the roads in Aktor in the mornings.

– There are cars in the ditch, cars with ditches. Fortunately, it has gone well so far. This is from E18 to approx. A mile inland. There is confusion because the plowing work has not started properly, he said.

This is where the journey ended: one of the many cars that left the road in the Arendals district in the morning. Photo: Olav Svalland
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Now Svalland is trying to switch to winter tires himself – but that’s easier said than done:

– Lots of cars queuing up to get tires changed. Now I change tires myself at NAF Arendal, but this is the eighth workshop I’ve been to. He says there are queues for days in many places.

Image confirmed by Agderposten.

– It’s a total mess! Helge Riesberg, general manager at Fevik Tech in Grimstad, told the newspaper that everyone had to switch suddenly on the same day.

According to Risberg, 200 to 300 cars were “flipped” in his workshop yesterday alone.

Sudden cover

Confusion at the first snowfall, Svalland says, is an annual occurrence in southern Norway, even with warnings of snow and wind.

– Here there is a sudden change in the weather: it goes from mild weather to snow in a few hours, he explains – and he admits that he is not fully prepared for snow.

Storm “Babet” – now ravaging Great Britain, Denmark and Germany – is contributing to the chaos in southern Norway. Denmark has, among others Many flights were cancelled.

An orange warning has been issued for very strong winds from Achter and inland areas of Rogaland and Hortaland from this afternoon – and will last until tomorrow afternoon. A yellow warning has been issued for the rest of southern Norway.

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