Weather: – May be as low as 20 degrees

Weather: – May be as low as 20 degrees

In short

  • After an early taste of summer, warmer spring temperatures are now expected in Norway.
  • Meteorologist Jan Osterheim explains that the future temperatures in eastern Norway will be 14-18 degrees. It will be somewhat cooler in the west.
  • It's still cold in northern Norway, but temperatures will gradually rise during the week.

Scarves and hats can be thrown away this week, as large parts of the country face summer head-on, after spring has passed.

But on Sunday the taste of summer ended, and Now Spring is coming.

– Temperatures will be more decent and spring-like, but not quite as summery as it has been, says on-duty meteorologist John Osterheim.

Extreme pollen spread in eastern Norway


Over 20 degrees Celsius has been recorded in many places for the past few days. This is above normal for the year. He himself is sitting in Tromsø, where at the moment there are only a few extra degrees resembling spring.

He does not see an immediate return of such high temperatures in the forecast for the coming weeks. The meteorologist believes that one should be more satisfied in the south.

Because in future the temperature will be 14-18 degrees.

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– It's relatively mild, even if it's a bit colder than it has been, Osterheim adds:

– Some lucky places may be 20 degrees.

Weather Map Review:- Totally hilarious

Weather Map Review:- Totally hilarious

It mostly applies to southern Norway and the southern parts of eastern Norway.

– Not bad for early May. He says it is normal or slightly above normal.

According to the meteorologist, it rains in Østafjells from time to time.

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It's also simmering in western Norway, where Astevoll boasted 25 degrees on May 2 – the hottest day measured so far this year.

– 13-16 degrees throughout the week in the Bergen area. It could be up to 18 degrees tomorrow, says Osterheim.

Meteorologists: Coldest temperature in 33 years

Meteorologists: Coldest temperature in 33 years

And there is a chance of rain throughout the week.

– Jupiter looks especially wet, the meteorologist says.

It's fine in central Norway

Further north, in Møre and Romsdal, Trøndelag and Nordland, Sunday will be sunny and relatively warm.

The heat spreads well up to Nordland, where it was 18 degrees in Bodø, for example, before the sharp temperature difference and cooler weather the further north you go.

During the week, central Norway will be very warm with temperatures of 10-13 degrees and some rain from Tuesday.

It may be long overdue in Nordland, where, Osterheim says, it hasn't rained in three weeks, except for occasional showers.

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In Troms and Finnmark, there is little to remind us of the warm spring weather at the moment, and things will look better later in the week.

– A really big spring may await, but it could soon reach 5-10 degrees in Trams and 0-5 degrees in Finnmark by the weekend.

However, the start of the week offers a few extra degrees with lingering weather in Tramms, while Finnmark should brace for snow showers.

– It will be significantly more wintry, and Fmmark will retain some snow showers today and tomorrow. But in the northern districts the weather will gradually become milder and sunnier. The weatherman explains that temperatures should also rise somewhat, but there will still be freezing temperatures at night in many places.

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