Weather:- Summer heat is coming

Weather:- Summer heat is coming

This year’s whimsical spring has provided a taste of most seasons so far. Everything characterizes the weather, from delicious summer temperatures and scorching sun, to freezing autumn rains and almost blizzard periods.

But now there will be other bowls, says Magnus Ovehead, a meteorologist at the Met Office.

– We can count above 20 degrees. But it’s still hard to tell, he tells Talkbladet.

In particular, eastern Norway and Trøndelag can look forward to warmer weather. Late Hydra can already experience 18.6 degrees on Monday, one of the hottest in the country.

In the south of Nordland, in Helgeland, it could be very warm in the future.

– In western Norway, it’s a bit more uncertain, so how far the degree stick reaches depends on weather conditions, says Ovehead.

Spring in the North

The meteorologist himself sits in Tromsø, which still can’t exactly boast warm temperatures. But here too the weather will be mild and the temperature will rise in the next few days.

– It’s been quite cold in northern Norway so far, but it looks like it could be over 10 degrees. It could be close to 15 in some places. So it helps the snow melt and it becomes more springy in the north, he says.

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Cloud pump out Jæren: – surprise

Despite the warm weather – it was uncertain whether the sun would peek out from the cloudless sky.

– Generally western Norway and southern Norway have the most precipitation, so there can be a lot of clouds. It doesn’t look like it will be glorious weather, but at least the temperature will be good, says the meteorologist.

Elin Rønningen from Roros paid an unexpected visit while in Funastalen, Sweden. Video: Elin Roningen. Correspondent: Bjørge Dahle Johansen / Dagbladet TV
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Uncertain May 17

Mild weather will prevail over the country till the end of the week. But suddenly the weather becomes uncertain.

This means that it is difficult for a meteorologist to put two lines under the answer to what the weather will provide on May 17 this year.

– This is still uncertain because there will be a string of low pressures one after the other. Their timing and location tell a lot about what the weather will be like.

According to forecasts, Western Norway and Northern Norway have the highest risk of rain on National Day, while Eastern Norway and Trøndelag have the highest chance of prolonged weather.

– This is not a prediction of the world. We’ll have to wait until we get a little closer and the forecasts are more firm. A lot can happen now, says Ovehead.

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