Weather: – Warning: – Stay away

Weather: - Warning: - Stay away

– This week’s keyword is unstable. Everyone gets a little bit of everything, says state meteorologist Saralambos Sarcositis.

Despite the different weather this summer, the temperature was relatively equal. However, now the temperature will drop and the weather will change.

According to Sarcocytis, all parts of the country will experience unstable weather next week. It can provide temperatures of around 20 degrees at the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week it will drop to 16-18 degrees in large parts of the country.

It is difficult to announce the winner

Sarcocidis believes it will be difficult to select a weather winner for the coming week. Everyone gets a little of everything, and the weather is often unstable.

– In eastern Norway, showers are often indoors. The south and east beaches get the best days on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so these days they will be weather winners. Otherwise, the meteorologist says it would generally be very similar.

Sarcocytis will name southern Norway and the interior of western Norway as weather losers next week. At least the sun will be here, and thunderstorms and lightning are expected.

Stay away if you do not like rain or severe storms.

Announcements: Meteorologists have warned that it will rain on Tuesday, July 14th.
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Wildfire hazard warning

In southern Norway, yellow fire warnings have been issued for both the forests of Mare Oak Romstall and Westland. Sarcositis says this risk warning applies primarily until Tuesday, but it is more likely to last longer.

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– There must be significant rainfall to make it disappear.

A few showers are expected in western Norway by the end of the week, but it is uncertain whether this will help against the risk of wildfires.

For now, no warnings are expected from meteorologists, but sarcoidosis says there could be heavy rain or lightning in the Trondolog area. He describes the weather as very unpredictable.

Danger: Wildfire Yellow Danger Warning Issued Photo: Yr
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Deserving warmth

In northern Norway, temperatures will rise above 20 degrees on Monday and Tuesday.

– It’s worth it after a few fall weeks recently, but you have to trust two showers. It will not be a cloudless sky like it is this weekend. It is wise to use as much temperature as you can because sarcositis says they will drop again from Wednesday.

Closer to the weekend, it will be colder in northern Norway, but according to Sarcocytis, Helzland will keep warm for a few extra days.

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