– We’ve already won – VG

- We've already won - VG
Anders Danielsen Lee, Joachim Trier, Renate Rensev and Esquil Vogt are ready as they may not win the prize on Sunday night. But they still enjoy themselves in Hollywood. Here’s from the press conference earlier this week.

The gang behind “The World’s Worst Man” isn’t at all afraid to go home disappointed with Hollywood if they don’t get an Oscar figurine.


– We live very well though, I must admit, Eskil Vogt tells NTB.

On Monday night Norwegian time, he and director Joachim Trier could win a historic Oscar for best original screenplay for “The Worst Man in the World.” The film may also be the first Norwegian to win Best International Film.

– I feel like we’ve already won. I think if you died in a plane crash in 20 years, Vogt would say “Academy-nominated screenwriter dies in a plane crash,” so it’s going to go on even if we don’t win.

He points out that they did not expect to be nominated for an Academy Award for the film at all, and that it was not something they were working towards.

– These are just bonuses, and they are very cool bonuses. He says oh my god, we were nominated for an Oscar.

Reinsve: – Totally surreal

The Academy Awards are held in the Great Hall of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. The show is broadcast live worldwide, and this year it is directed by Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes.

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Many Norwegians appear on the red carpet. The Minister of Culture, Annette Trietbergstoen (Labour), attended.

The same goes for the main cast, director, cameraman, editor and producers of “The Worst Man in the World”.

– It’s so much fun to be with, to be able to be at that party. It’s something you’ve followed all your life. And look at the distance. Then all of a sudden we have to participate. It’s totally surreal. It will be very fun, says main character Renate Reinsve.

She considers the chances of winning moderate, but says she certainly won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out.

Co-actor Anders Danielsen tells me he didn’t even think about the possibility of them winning.

– I didn’t go into that scenario, he says.

Norway is unlikely to win

Among bookmakers and movie buffs, the Japanese movie “Driving My Car” was the favorite to win Best International Film, while “Licorice Pizza” was the favorite for Best Original Screenplay.

We think that unfortunately for fans of Norwegian films, it seems very unlikely that The Worst Man in the World will win an award during the Oscars, says Bettson CEO Adam Villa in a press release.

In any case, Norway has already received a figurine for the Academy Award this year, a historic honorary Oscar awarded by Leif Ullmann on Friday.

If “The Worst Man in the World” is not awarded, Norway also has a few “back-up chances” with two Norway co-produced nominees, “Escape” and “Writing with Fire”.

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“The worst human director in the world Joachim Trier points out that it is incredible to be nominated anyway. He is grateful for the enthusiasm he has created in Norway.

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– We’ve been getting a lot of emails from people saying they should be up and up and streaming. I think that’s incredibly cute. That’s how we’ve been doing all these years to ourselves, seeing Oscar and getting up until very early in the morning, he says.

The gang behind the movie leave behind some very busy months with travel and promotions around the world. In Hollywood, this week they participated in a number of events with other nominees and celebrities.

It’s the 10,000+ members of the Academy that decide who gets to run with the awards. The vote ended on Tuesday, so the two candidates could have lowered their shoulders a little in the past week.

– Everything is really decided, only no one knows the outcome. So there’s nothing we do now that has any bearing on who wins the award or not, Vogt says.

Now we can be stupid and drunk and smile with friends, says Trier.

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