When Marie was making a drama series about incels, the PST . had to be plugged in

When Marie was making a drama series about incels, the PST . had to be plugged in

In the new drama series Discovery + Everything You Love, childhood friends Sarah, played by Mina Dale and Jonas, and performed by Jacob Forte, meet by chance when a subway in central Oslo is evacuated.

They find each other again, but in the end Sarah discovers that Jonas holds a dark secret. He is on the verge of being radicalized by a far-right online world, where a separate world view is nurtured and terrorists are branded as saints.

On Thursday, the series premiered, and series creator Marie Hafting said she had to conduct extensive research before recording — including research and literature, as well as collaborating with the police security service.

She wanted to know how young boys, like Jonas, could turn to extremes.

– You can look at the classic vulnerabilities, and then we often suffer from life traumas, exclusion, and connection to society when it comes to school, work and finances as well. These are classic vulnerabilities, which often apply to right-wing extremists as much as they do to extremists in the Islamic State.

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extremism through forums

Hafting explains that Jonas’ character has a critical view of society today, which she believes many young people identify with. Then this look develops into something darker and more hateful.

That’s when these different forums that exist in reality come into play.

MADE A DEEP DIVE: To make the series as believable as possible, series creator Marie Having spent several years researching and developing her latest project. Here with actor Jacob Forte. Photo: Good morning Norway

– Today there are many good forums on the Internet and there is a lot of important socialization among young people that takes place online, but then there are some branches of different forums and places, where there is a subculture where young people discuss incorrect political opinions. There is a lot of propaganda and “memes” playing on humor that have seemingly funny language, but are in fact very fascist and anti-human, she says and continues:

– The more you are there, the faster the radicalization. This is the big difference between those who were radicalized before and the youth who are radicalized now. There is always someone willing to discuss a little, who can teach you more, send you PDFs and make you dig deeper.

Jacob Fort (22) says it’s hard to say exactly what happens to Jonas’ character during the series.

I would describe Jonas as basically an intelligent man, with curiosity and ambition, but also a need to belong and a need to feel smart to be appreciated. He got this on this forum and it’s an important factor I think he says and adds:

He was disappointed many times in his life. He dreamed of joining the army but never got it and then struggled to find his place in society. He also found like-minded people online and began to plunge into this darkness.

First leadership role

This is the first leading role of the 22-year-old. He sees the whole thing as a huge vote of confidence, at the same time admitting that he was nervous about the character he was going to enter.

To prepare for the role, Fort had several conversations with series creator Hafting.

PLAYING RIGHT EXTREME: In the drama series, Jakob Fort plays Jonas.  Here with co-star Mina Dell who plays her boyfriend Sarah.  Photo: Discovery +

PLAYING RIGHT EXTREME: In the drama series, Jakob Fort plays Jonas. Here with co-star Mina Dell who plays her boyfriend Sarah. Photo: Discovery +

– First of all, I’ve talked a lot with Mary, since she did the exhaustive research. I watched some documentaries, but then made an active choice not to spend the whole summer diving into these forums myself, but I have to understand how Jonas had these opinions, what went wrong and where it went wrong. Also, we should focus on it being a love story and.

Hafting points out that streaks like this exist for us so that we can live in the character to understand some better — for better or for worse. She hopes they have.

One shouldn’t get out of it with an epilogue and lessons with a couple of lines under the answer, but maybe we can get a deeper look at these guys, about Jonas, and what’s happening to young people.

“I think it’s important for people to have their own opinions and to have some ideas about it,” Fort adds.

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