When the conflict reached an “unknown frontier”, Dorthe Skappel wanted to withdraw

When the conflict reached an "unknown frontier", Dorthe Skappel wanted to withdraw

In the first week of “Farmen kjendis,” we were able to see a conflict between host Dorthe Skappel (59) and comedian Shabana Rehman (45).

Conflict arises when Skappel is a big farmer. She wants to take out Rahman, and asks if Kjersti Greene (50) can choose her as the second heroine, if she is chosen as the first heroine.

– I called both Shabana and Kjersey Bastards, and I meant it there and then. I wanted Shabana out the first week, said Skapel. Good evening Norway.

– I did not understand. She misunderstood me, and I misunderstood her. She continued, “We seriously clashed.

This was not well received, but later in the episode you see Skappel and Rehman sort it out. But in the second week, the conflict escalated further, and went to such an extent that Skappel wanted to withdraw.

Argument about weekly quests

Rahman was commissioned to sew jeans, and began sewing by hand when the sewing machine broke down. Skappel says it will help by operating the device.

– I turned on the sewing machine, and ran out to tell Shabana. Then she responded by thinking I was trying to take over the project, and drive her car, says Scabel.

– Maybe she was right because I was so anxious, but there and then I was treated so badly, because I just wanted to help.

The two agreed that Skappel should stay away from the project, but the matter escalated further when Skappel, at the request of the big farmer, took Ingrid Simensen with him to take another look at the sewing machine.

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I felt confused

Shabana Rahman, 45, said she felt Schabell did not trust her ability to manage the weekly errand she was scheduled to do.

– In the second week, Dorothy repeated a transcendental pattern. I had another sewing assignment that week, and even though Dorothy was on a completely different weekly assignment, she kept coming with me and my followers. I don’t think she thought I could sew, she continues.

Rahamam says she sewed many of her stage costumes herself, and that her grandfather worked as a tailor.

– Dorothy didn’t know that. So when I clearly told her that she now had to step back and give me peace of mind, I think she handled it very hard. Little did I know this would lead to her leaving the farm, she said.

After another altercation, Skappel felt she could not take it anymore.

– Then that was enough. I couldn’t stand being on the farm with people who didn’t understand me, and I felt resistance, says the host.

So it must be her or me

In a clip that hasn’t been shown on TV, Schabel says she finds it difficult to express how she feels with words.

– I feel like I don’t know exactly where I belong. It’s not about bans, and it’s not about people being unfair. She says it’s just a matter of not finding your place.

Skappel says she wasn’t sure if she was really needed on the set, and if anyone at all would miss her if she left the farm.

– If my feelings, which were so tense and so tense, continue in this way, I simply do not think that I can be here. So it must be her or me, says Skappel.

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Conflict: Early on in the show, a conflict arose between Shabana Rahman and Dorothy Scapelle. Photo: Ingebrigt Vibe Lunde

production convinced him

The TV queen was so close to retirement that she spoke to the head of record about it, who successfully persuaded her to stay.

– What she said, and it is in fact very true, is that the story that made me want to retire, was not caught on camera. If I quit, TV viewers wouldn’t understand why I quit the show, she says.

Skappel was so far away the day she thought about retirement.

– The night before, I had not slept at all, and I was so tired that I could hardly see the ground. The conflict she waged with Shabana reached unprecedented limits. She says the combination of so many things made me flat out completely.

cut again

Moreover, Rahman says she holds no grudge against what happened inside the farm, and she could have lunch with Skappel.

Dorthe is a talented lady who knows a lot, and it is true that people get the impression that she is a doll lady, something she showed on the farm that she is not. I think it was sad to read that she didn’t get someone she could say became a good friend on the farm, because she deserved it, says Rahman.

Skappel also says that the two apologized to each other and became friends only a few hours later.

Mentally and physically demanding

TV 2 Press Director Jan Petter Dahl, told Good night Norway, that participating in the farm is mentally and physically demanding, and thus it is not uncommon for some to lose some motivation along the way.

– That’s how it was for Dorothy in the second week. The producer had a chat with her and encouraged her to be a little more. After a good night’s sleep, Dorothy regained her strength and was ready to carry on, says the press official.

– For both the program and the participants, it is always better to have the opportunity and motivation to complete the game in the usual way. We were so glad Dorothy got her strength back and on, he says.

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