Will not reduce fuel tax – VG

Will not reduce fuel tax – VG
Agreement: The Labor Party, the Center Party and the SV have agreed on a revised National Budget for 2022. Here are the party leaders Auden Lisbaken (SV), Jonas Car Store (Labor) and Trivia Sloxvolt (SP) at the Hurdles Zone last fall.

The Labor Party, the Center Party and the Socialist People’s Party call for a press conference at 9 a.m. in the walking hall in Sporting.


The case is being updated.

Eagle Natschen (Labor), the leader of the finance committee, has been in talks with SV’s Carrie Elizabeth Kasky since May 23 with the Center Party’s Keer Pollestadt.

The government put forward its proposal To the National Budget as amended on May 12, but has not yet agreed with the SV. Government parties Ap and Sp have relied on SV’s support to win a majority in the budget.

NRK: The government is repaying billions in subsidies

SV has demanded Government’s proposal for a revised budget The party has reacted strongly to the need to improve climate and supply, and to make major cuts in the development aid budget.

There are many help organizations Criticized the government.

The government has proposed to spend NOK 4 billion from the budget for development assistance to Ukrainian refugees in Norway. At the same time, support for many large UN organizations is being reduced. Writes Tuesday morning N.R.K. 2.5 billion of development aid will be returned to the revised national budget.

The NRK also states that the government maintains a VAT exemption for electric cars costing up to NOK 500,000.

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Pollestad: No reduction in fuel tax

Ahead of 8 a.m. at the NRK’s ​​Politisk kvarter, Center Party’s Geir Pollestad confirms that the fuel tax will not be reduced in the revised national budget.

– Fuel prices are very high in Norway. He says it does not come from fees.

Pollestad, on the other hand, points out that market conditions led to higher prices.

– We have come to the point where we do not want to reduce the fuel tax.

The war in Ukraine has had a major impact on petrol prices. In recent months, they have gone up, and the price is now over 27 kroner per liter.

See VG’s commentator explaining what the new budget means to you:

Provides an overview of the key taxes of the Norwegian economy

After the finance committee’s own deadline was broken last week, there is no other deadline to negotiate with the negotiators other than the actual process at Sorting this Friday. The possible agreement should be proposed in the hall the same morning – this is the last day before the Sorting holiday.

The national budget is not the same as the state budget.

In the national budget, the government justifies its priorities. The National Budget provides an overview of the national economy in Norway and around the world – and how it affects the Norwegian economy.

The state budget, on the other hand, shows how much money and expenditure there is in Norway in the coming year, and what the money will be used for.

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