Windmill fire – fear of 10,000 liters of oil catching fire

Windmill fire – fear of 10,000 liters of oil catching fire

A fire broke out in the transformer building at the Havøygavlen wind farm in Måsøy municipality.

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– Challenge emergency services to get to location. The fire brigade arrived with snowmobiles. Lots of black smoke. No shutdown options. The police in Finnmark wrote at 2.18pm that there was no report of a risk of contagion or that anyone was supposed to be inside the building.

In an update just before 3 p.m., police wrote that there were a few thousand liters of oil and a few hundred liters of fuel inside the building.

Do you have photos or video from the location? Note VG here.

Speaking to VG Police at 16.20, acting manager Jan Arne Pettersen says “the Fire are leading 1-0”.

– As the road leading there is impassable, it has been decided to burn it. The biggest concern is the oil and fuel stored in the building. If ignited, 10,000 liters of oil will leave a lot of black particles in the air, says Peterson.

However, the weather gods are currently playing with the Masoi population:

– It is a southerly wind, ie a wind blowing towards the sea, not towards the village, says Peterson.

110 Finnmark X writes at 16.35 that they have gone to the site with snowmobiles:

– Heavy smoke and flames are guaranteed.

Says Egon Leonhardsen, CEO of Finnmark Kraft iFinnmark All operations are suspended.

– We have a transformer in Havøygavlen, and some parts of the building are on fire, says Leonhartsen.

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