Tromsø: – Fear measures all winter

Tromsø: - Fear measures all winter

On Monday, 168 corona patients were admitted to Norwegian hospitals. This is 47 more than before the weekend, and the highest number since April this year. Now there is a trend of infection Rising nationally.

The worst affected areas are Tramsey. It was set for Thursday New infection record 62 new cases in a single day in the municipality. The municipality came on the same day With many suggestions About Distance and Home Office.

– The advice is not very strict, but the introduction of the advice is a very significant change. This means that we have given up living with the epidemic without any action. Trond Brattland tells Dagbladet, head of infection control, that the population’s immunity is not enough to survive the winter without any action.

Activities throughout the winter

Bradland believes residents of Tromso should live with activities throughout the winter. He pointed out that the corona virus grows best in the cold and that the municipality does not have adequate immunity.

– With the onset of winter, the virus will continue to spread if the immune system is not strong enough. When we come to spring, the infection will disappear, he says.

Increased Infection: Municipal Chief Physician Trent Broadland reckons that the infection will increase in the future.  Photo: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / NTB

Increased Infection: Municipal Chief Physician Trent Broadland reckons that the infection will increase in the future. Photo: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / NTB
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He is aware that the municipality has launched an “increase program” with recommendations for residents of Tromsø initially. If the recommendations do not give the desired effect and do not give low infection rates, the municipality will be further tightened.

– We expect the infection to continue to increase. Even if the measures are adequate, the infection rate will increase as these measures are not linked to the infection in the home. We have a high incidence of infection among young people, and this weekend it was among elementary school students. We should expect the outcome of the measures at the beginning of next week – if not, the actions will become a topic, Bradland says.

This was confirmed on Thursday Subgroup of delta virus Not yet discovered in Norway. The municipality does not currently know the characteristics of the subcommittee.

Discuss actions

On Tuesday, the president’s office in Tromsø will discuss drastic measures in an effort to prevent the introduction of the short notice. However, he is clear that the municipality will not introduce the measures until two weeks have passed since the introduction of the previous measures.

– What has happened to us before is that the measures have been introduced in a short notice and presented at an extraordinary meeting. He says the debate over actions then worsens.

The chief epidemic control officer says the municipality is in a new situation today – and the scope of the measures has changed since they were last introduced.

Prior to this, the aim was to reduce infection and close potential gaps. Now that is not the case. It puts a brake on, and the vaccine is a good brake on. It is important to find a combination of actions that have an effect, but at the same time not cause more negative ripple effects, he says.

Broadland believes health care will “need winter” – especially as a result of an increase in respiratory infections such as influenza and the RS virus.

– We find that there is a lot of stress and sick leave for the emergency room in the municipal health service, he says.

Spiral: Following the report, Health and Maintenance Services Minister Invild Kerkol (Labor) turned to the NRK. Video: NRK
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Increased readiness at UNN

Hells North is one of the health areas where the increase in cov patients is high. From Friday to Monday, the number of patients increased from 17 to 31 – almost double the number of hospital admissions.

Northern Norway University Hospital (UNN) Department Tromsø is the most admitted hospital in the region. On Monday, 22 patients were admitted to Tromso with the corona virus.

UNN’s liaison consultant, Per-Christian Johansson, said he did not want to comment on the patients’ condition, but said the majority were in regular bed.

– At present, we are dealing with the situation through normal operation, but with increased readiness so that we can follow the situation day by day, says Johnson Docbladet.

Preparing staff

Currently, the extra bed facility is the only additional measure for Covid-19 patients. If the condition worsens, the hospital should consider whether corona patients can embark on other activities planned to gain adequate capacity.

– We do not need to reduce other operations now, but we are in the process of preparing staff for reassignment, says Johansson.

Despite the fact that infection rates and hospital admissions continue to rise, Johansson would not describe the situation as critical.

– Through one and a half years of epidemics, we have gained good experiences on how to deal with it. Our staff are also well trained to handle it.

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