You should be bombing after this

You should be bombing after this

When the local food authority visited BK Stores grocery store in Leeds, England, they may not have been prepared for the scene that met them.

Because they found nearly 50 illegal food items on the shelves – all expired. This is what the Jam Press news agency wrote.

104 (!) days

During a routine inspection, inspectors found a number of fresh produce, deli meats and other types of meat products that should have ended up in the trash long ago.

Knock down the wall – you found the secret of the previous owner

Among other things, they found five packages of chicken spread that had expired 104 (!) days ago.

Blame the supplier

They also discovered three packages of beef steak that had expired 97 days ago, as well as turkey bacon that was 83 days old.

British India Casley shocked followers on Tiktok with her own eating habits. Reporter: Mia Engines Pratley. Video: TikTok/India Kasli
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Now the shopkeeper has admitted violating England’s dietary regulations. He claims that the suppliers did not come with goods that could replace the expired products.

He also claims that he checked the merchandise history at least once a week.

– Immediate danger

He was ordered to pay a large fine of around NOK 97,000. A portion of the funds have been allocated to any victims after the crime.

The forest giant scolds: - What the hell?

The forest giant scolds: – What the hell?

A representative of the authorities confirms that it is the responsibility of every individual to ensure that food items do not expire.

– The expiration date is set on foods that are easily spoiled from a microbiological point of view, and which are therefore likely – after a short period – to pose an immediate health risk, he says.

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