You should know this before purchasing

You should know this before purchasing

We are in Sardinia, in 2012. There is a brand new launch of the Volkswagen Golf and piston cars from around the world are gathering. Including me from Little Norway.

– Damn, what a beautiful, beautiful car, I think and wonder a little how the Audi A3 can survive now that something as banal as the Golf has become so bland.

This was the seventh generation and was produced between 2012 and 2020.

A few years passed – and then something happened. Volkswagen launched the e-Golf in Berlin. Once again for a united world press. It still includes me from Little Norway. Little did we know at the time that we were part of a small revolution. In Norway he went all out.

But some have questioned the fossil version and still do. As a used car.

By the way, it is still popular in the used car market. On, this is still one of the most searched cars. There are currently about 2,500 copies in all classes and price ranges for sale.

We look at what you should know about it – not least what you should be aware of. You will find out by watching the videos of this case. Here we are driving the 2016 model with a 2-liter diesel engine.

Thinking of an electric golf? Check out our e-Golf test here:

Rumor: As a new car, sales of the Golf have almost completely ceased, but it’s still a very popular used car.

You must pay for this

For fossil fuel cars, prices start at NOK 30,000 for a ten-year-old car that has come a long way. Then without a big engine and a lot of equipment. Still reasonably fit and EU approved, but with a certain need for care.

For NOK 100,000 you get the 2014/15 model with a 105hp diesel engine that travels 100,000km or a little more.

If you have NOK 200,000 to spend, you can have a beautiful 2018 model that has covered 50,000 km, just to give a few examples.

Golf comes in many varieties. You can get fierce GTI versions, and you get it as a slightly elevated Alltrack wagon with all-wheel drive, available with a myriad of different petrol and diesel engines and as a plug-in hybrid. In recent years, it’s been everything – the electric Golf that has dominated sales.

There is golf for all of us. It’s the car’s answer to the potato and can be used for most things and most people.

Do you have more money and something fancy more suitable? Check this out:

Video: Watch our test drive of the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf here

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