Your horoscope today: Friday, March 15

Your horoscope today: Friday, March 15

HEvery day, Astrologer Sol will give you an insight into the future. Are you curious about love, work, finances, friends or maybe family? Let your zodiac sign guide you. Pssst, here you will find your weekly horoscope.

Below you will find your horoscope for Friday, March 15.


Date of birth: March 20-21

You are an idealist at heart and it can sometimes hurt when you see how the world plays out its constant drama, the people you know well get sucked into the game and eventually this can end up in your own backyard where you become the person. Who knows the injustice of it all. But you can't face the whole world and change it, you will find happiness. There is a cost to tolerating things as they are and knowing that you can't do anything about it all, but sooner or later justice will prevail. It takes a little longer than I imagined. This is the day to apologize and forgive.

the Bull

Date of birth: April 21-21, maybe

It's not easy to stick to your goals and ambitions when constant temptations lure you out of your established routine. It may be nice to get out of the rhythm, but it's the golden mean that works best in the long run. If there's lots of good food and drink, lots of trips into town, or a heavy focus on socializing, one can imagine you're enjoying an evening out. Alone and calm down again. While Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, is still sailing through your sign, it's not easy to say no. Everything that's fun is fun for a reason. But remember your overall goals.


Date of birth: May 21-22 June

When you keep an important decision in front of you all the time, you also miss an opportunity to grow and develop. It may seem like tomorrow is a much better day to do what you've been urging yourself to do, but why put off until tomorrow what you can already do today? You will see that the rejection may have been justified because there was too much control and it would cost time and effort, but you will also see that you became stronger and more proud of yourself because you did what you had to do. Then the gain is greater than the price you paid.

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Date of birth: June 22-July 22

New opportunities will open up to you and all you have to do is say yes. It is possible that a new colleague will appear who has a lot to offer or you will get the opportunity to develop yourself in relation to work. The Moon is sailing through your spiritual sector and what is happening now is almost magical in a way. As if it was going to happen and it had to happen. This feeling also makes it easier to say yes. Confidence gives you the courage to do what you never thought you would, and with spring now all around you, you can just sit back and enjoy the show.

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the lion

Date of birth: July 23-August 23

Under pressure, it's always tempting to compromise your values ​​and principles. That's when you take shortcuts and avoid responsibility, but deep down you know you're not the person you want to be. Cheating is cheating no matter how you look at it, and although it's tempting to go with what's being offered to you now, something doesn't seem quite right. Listen to this sound. It is the noble and courageous heart of Leo that speaks to you now and shows you that you are greater than that. The shortest path is not always the right path.


Date of birth: August 24-23 September

Today the universe is strongly influenced by the planet of responsibility Saturn, currently in your cooperation sector, and you are constantly learning something new about how not to do things. Bad leadership is about people who lack integrity gaining power and then creating chaos and discontent, while constantly putting the responsibility on someone else. You will not be particularly affected by this. As a Virgo, you are humble enough to admit, at least to yourself, your mistakes, but don't let that side of you overpower your natural authority. It is necessary before chaos prevails.


Date of birth: September 23-24

You've probably seen a flight attendant explaining safety procedures and saying that you should put on your mask first before helping others? It has become a recurring theme in self-development and setting boundaries and is clearly very relevant to Libra. Your Venus has now moved into your service and ministry sector and the people around you may need you more than ever. And it never ends. Of course you want to help, but you actually have to help yourself too. There is no shame in putting on your mask first.

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the scorpion

Date of birth: October 22-24, November

The Moon wanders into your sector of intimacy and psychology and your intuitive radar is on full blast. The more open and receptive you are, the more sense it will make. If something seems a little incomprehensible and complicated, you may need to abandon your entrenched attitude and be more open. After that, a little light will likely shine on you and he will suddenly begin to understand something that was previously very upsetting. It is conceivable that even if the situation you are in is difficult, it is absolutely necessary. Acceptance is the path to freedom.


Date of birth: November 21-23 December

The Moon sails into your relationship sector and at the same time love planet Venus is in your inner security sector. Together, the two show that if you want to have a healthy, valuable relationship with another person, you must also be able to love yourself as you are. It all starts at home, within yourself, and if you're already in a committed relationship, but things aren't going well, you may feel a strong need to focus your efforts on improving yourself rather than trying to fix the problem. relationship . You have to take yourself and your needs seriously.


Date of birth: December 20-22 January

If you are too conservative and hold back, there is a possibility that you will miss out on receiving help from others, but also growth opportunities and experiences. Past experiences shape the way you look at life, and if you have an inherent fear of running out of money or not feeling like you have enough time or resources to do what you want, it may be a fear of experiencing something you've experienced. Once before that came. Because you're probably in a completely different place in your life now, and what happened once shouldn't happen again. Take a chance.

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Aquarius man

Date of birth: January 21 – February 18

You're not one to get involved in drama unnecessarily, but even though action-oriented Mars is still in your sign, you may be hotter and moodier than you have been in a long time. It can be helpful to remind yourself that you have to choose your battles so that you don't end up in eternal conflict. It is said that you can win the battle but lose the war, and this is where a lot of people rebel. This is probably something you have noticed and hence you should also take it into consideration so that you don't end up there yourself. Put ice in your stomach.


Date of birth: February 19-20 walking

It may be a bit surprising to see that some people are not who they pretend to be. When you need help, their absence is conspicuous, and even if you never act this way, you may have to accept that others do not have this problem. It's a far cry for a Pisces to make demands or be more conditional, but you get a lot out of it and every time you set a limit, you're also sending a signal to yourself that you deserve better and that you're more than good enough to be. Loved and respected. This is a good sign to get.

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