Zula: Skiing here

Zula: Skiing here

Most of Norway is covered in snow, and where there is snow there are ski slopes.

However, there are some places to avoid if you want to pack your skis during Christmas.

– The exceptions are along the coast south of Stott and further east in Norway, Ingvild Villa, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Center, tells Dagbladet.

Good skiing conditions

Mikael Gunnulfsen at Skisporet.no tells Dagbladet that the ski season has started in most parts of the country.

– There is an incredible amount of activity at the trail machines, and many people are working there even though it’s Christmas. In the mountains, almost all trails are newly ridden today. Much of the country has newly traveled trails, says Kunnulfsen.

Some parts of the country don’t have much snow yet, but all parts of the country have ski runs. In some places you have to drive a little further to get to the ski tracks.

– It’s pretty good on the map now, skiing in large parts of the country. There are good skiing conditions all over the country, he says.

– Great start

The Ski Association says that all the rain that fell in the lowlands in eastern Norway turned into snow on the mountains. They report better conditions.

– It’s a great start to the ski season. Oslomarka has very good skiing opportunities, Drin Rom Giving, the ski association’s communications manager, tells Dagbladet.

Now they expect it to be better and better, he adds.

Oslomarka and the surrounding areas are where the Ski Association organizes ski slopes.

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– Due to varying temperatures, slightly different conditions may exist. On overland trails, branches can get sticky, but on forest vehicle roads, conditions are pretty good, says Giving.

In both Vestmarka and Bærumsmarka they expect to have more ski slopes ready before long.

Ice filling

When asked by Dagbladet, meteorologist Villa goes part by part across the country to predict the future of skiing.

The skiing in and around Tromsø is already great can It will be.

– Not a White Christmas: Meteorologist on duty, Bente Wall, weather outlook and the possibility of a white Christmas on Christmas Eve. Wall singles out one place as a particularly big loser. Video: Bjørge Dahle Johansen (Dagbladet TV
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– Villa says that there will be good snow in the coming days north of Stott and Sør-Troms.

Some might say there is too much of a good thing, as there is a yellow warning for snow until Sunday morning, Christmas Day. Locally, 20 to 40 centimeters of snow can fall in 24 hours, with localized snowfall expected in some places.

– This applies to Nordland and Sør-Troms regions.

In Bodo, there was heavy snowfall on Christmas Eve and more to come.

– Some rain on Monday and Tuesday. It’s a little hard to say now in what form. At worst, rain, meteorologist Villa says.


Pre-Christmas Weather: On-duty meteorologist Bente Wall has this to say about the weather outlook in the run-up to Christmas Eve for many travellers. Video: Bjørge Dahle Johansen / Dagbladet TV
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In Trondheim, the capital of Trønder, a snow warning has also been issued.

– There is even snow up to Spring Rock. The weather forecaster says there will be more snow today and temperatures will remain cold tomorrow.

But once the weekend is over, the snow turns to rain in Trondheim. There is still no reason to despair.

– Meteorologist Villa says that regardless of the rain, you won’t go into the mountains or far into the country until you find good skis.

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Let the snow fall: Many have turned against the weather after the ice chaos in Iceland earlier this week. Correspondent: Christina H. Corneliussen/Dogbladet TV
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The lowlands around Stavanger have no snow, and future skiers do not have good prospects.

However, there is a forecast for lingering weather on Christmas Eve, but the joy will be short-lived.

– The meteorologist says that there will be rain in the form of rain on Sunday.

In Bergen, the picture is very similar, Villa says:

On Christmas Day, it rains in the form of rain on Christmas Day.

Southern Norway

No Power: Dogbladed TV follows car salvager Marius Englund on a morning when the first snowfall of the year hits eastern Norway – and it’s not just the cars that slide off the road that need help. Reporter/Photo: Magnus Bass / Talkblade TV
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In Oslo, skiing is possible in many places on the grounds, and the capital will “probably” top it with more snow on Sunday.

– The weatherman says it will eventually turn to sleet and then rain on Monday.

No major snowfall is expected on Sunday.

– Villa says that you won’t be able to walk in the snow enough, but it will be a Christmas cheer.

Further south, at Kristiansand, the picture is almost the same, but a little clearer in the direction of rain.

Christmas Eve is expected to stay, but rain and extra degrees will arrive from Sunday.

ROMERIKSÅSENE: This photo was taken in Romeriksåsene on Christmas Eve. Photo: Jarl Jensen / Ski Association
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