A classroom roof collapsed at Bøverbru School. Seriously, the head of the primary school Ivor Michael Jaar says – NRK Inlanded – Local News, TV and Radio

A classroom roof collapsed at Bøverbru School.  Seriously, the head of the primary school Ivor Michael Jaar says – NRK Inlanded – Local News, TV and Radio

When the cleaners arrived at Bowerbrew School in Raufos in the morning, they discovered what had happened. In the last 24 hours, the roof of one of the classrooms collapsed.

A fire alarm was sounded when this happened. It was later put together with observations, but no one knew what it was until someone saw it early this morning.

That’s what Ivor Michael Zar, head of a primary school in Westre Totton, says.

Toten was the first to mention the lawsuit today.

Goes all over the school

A holiday has been given to school students after this incident. The second graders who were supposed to be taught in the classroom were supposed to go on a field trip today, which they completed.

The building will be inspected and other parts of the school must be visited to find out why it happened and make sure it is safe. Then the room has to be torn down and rebuilt.

Ivar Michael Zar

Collapse: Elementary school principal Ivor Michael Jahr was pleased the roof did not collapse while students were present.

Photo: Private

Bøverbru School has approximately 120 preschool students and 24 staff members. It was built in 1962 and renovated, according to the municipality’s website.

The collapse happened while the school was closed. Bjørn Fauchald is the municipal director in Vestre Toten. He said it is sad what has happened.

This is a serious matter. I am so glad there were no children or adults in the room when this happened, she says.

Ceilings are collapsing in classrooms

razed: The entire classroom is filled with materials from the ceiling in the room. Construction companies are there to clean and protect the building.

Photo: Ivar Michael Jahr

Does not open immediately

It is not known how long the school will be closed. The Norwegian Labor Inspectorate and the police have been notified of what happened.

Bjørn Fauchald said construction companies are already on site to remove the collapsed classroom. He says they will not release or hire students until they find out the reason.

bjørn fauchald

Check the reason: What happened is serious, says municipal director Björn Fauchalt. They are looking around the entire building to prevent this from happening again.

Photo: Private

We don’t know what happened, but it’s obvious that there was a construction failure here that caused it to fall down.

He said the school was built in the 60s and has been renovated many times. Now they document who did what and when.

Going to school should be safe and we plan to rehabilitate in any way we think is reasonable. This is not the first time the ceiling has been lowered. But it has to be safe to go to school, and we won’t open school here again until we’re sure it’s safe.

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