Fraud – warns: – Not us

Fraud – warns: – Not us

Scammers know how to take advantage of big brands and new scam attempts are constantly popping up. DinSide has previously written about so-called “Fan Pages”, eg “Europris Fans” and “Ikea Fans”, which appear to be real Facebook pages, which often repeat themselves. These scam sites aim to lure you into commenting on the site.

This time, a similar scam appeared on Facebook, where Kiwis were affected.

Recently, a Facebook page named “Kiwi Norge” was created. They have made a post where they have a contest in regards to Kiwi’s 44th birthday which they claim is at the end of May.

The Temptation of Competition: This is what competition looks like.  Image: screenshot

The Temptation of Competition: This is what competition looks like. Image: screenshot
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More than a thousand people have already commented on the post hoping to win the contest. The winners were promised special gift bags. These are also pictured in the post, along with other photos of Kiwi shops and crew.

– This is not us, but a scam site, says communications consultant Nora Mael Helgesen at Kiwi.

The web is boiling

The web is boiling

Lots of scams lately

I told DinSide there have been a lot of these pages in recent weeks.

They create fake pages with the store name. Last week, Kiwi posted a blog post stating that there have been several scam attempts. Many Kiwi stores are facing scammers posing as the store’s Facebook page. They encourage people to report such fake websites.

Police warn: - They are rude

Police warn: – They are rude

He should ring the bell

Helgesen advises people to check the check mark, which is a blue tick next to the name. If you see this, you must be on the real Kiwi site.

– They write that you have to go to an external website to get a prize, we don’t do that, you notice.

This is also something you should consider to detect a scam site.

– Scam sites try to get customers to fill in contact details or card information. The bell should ring. We at Kiwi will never ask you to fill in card information for our competitions, says Helgesen.

Note: Kiwi turned 44 in March, not May.

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