– A kind of short circuit – VG

- A kind of short circuit - VG
Company Laritson: This week, corporate enthusiasts will have to manage with minimal equipment and compete in a variety of trainings.

Company activist Don Tomley Auberge said he was tired of Saturday’s show and retired before the end of training. Following is Ruben Marcussen.


– Now I’m completely done, she says on the Saturday show.

Competition has intensified and the finals of this year’s “Company Lourdeson” season are approaching. After a night in a hostile area, the activists were captured and they had to show concentration and determination during the difficult investigation.

When the trial was over, the participants were ordered to march – not knowing where or how far to go. For Don Tomley Auberge (34), the endless march began to erode the soul.

Dumley tells VG that he had decided to retire before the march began.

– For the past few days I have felt like wanting my head, but my body has not done it.

The 34-year-old describes the entire “Company Lourdeson” experience as a love affair that you have long wanted to give up.

Withdrawal: Don Tomley Auberge says he has not regretted for a second that he chose to resign.

– A kind of short circuit

After weeks of rigorous training, Dumbledore learned on Saturday about the infamous foundation that everyone is talking about.

– I had a crazy headache. I was cold and it was as if my body was no longer hanging. It’s kind of a short circuit, says Dumley.

– These are tough cases and there are no prerequisites for ordinary people who do not have the best training we have, or for those who want to join the army.

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Shortly after Tommy’s resignation, artist Ruben Marcussen, 27, chose to do the same. He tells Vijay that he went several rounds with him and he says he is tired and has been less motivated for a long time.

– I wondered if I would regret it, or if I would be happy with my efforts and what I experienced, then I could easily come to the conclusion that I would be happier, says Marcussen.

March: It was during this trip that Ruben Marcussen decided to resign and leave the Chetnesmon camp.

At last week’s show, the 27-year-old did not see the opening line of “popstress” training and considered retiring, but after chatting with the captain, he chose to continue.

– Of course the captain’s speech went to me, and we agreed that I should finish, and then I could think about it.

He says his only goal was to pass the recruitment period. According to Marcuson, success is never important.

– I wanted to challenge myself and enjoy the crazy things I had never experienced before. That’s all I wanted.

Motivation factor

The Colonel, Doug Otto Laritsen, and Christian Odegard believe that there is every reason to be proud of Marcus’ choice to resign. Lauritzen describes Marcussen as a “motivating factor” for other activists.

Back in “Civil”: Ruben Marcussen in another part of the show – Friday Night Spellman Prize, here with artist Saga Sondre Justat.
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