After MGP Live NRK:- Will tighten security at studio

After MGP Live NRK:- Will tighten security at studio

– We are constantly working on further strengthening security in the studio. I cannot elaborate on what that means,” writes NRK's ​​entertainment editor Charlo Halvorsen in a text message to NTB on Monday.

“Our security system worked,” he said after an incident in which a protester climbed onto the stage during the first semi-final of this year's Melody Grand Prix.

– Marthe Vallee of the Action Group for Palestine I was amazed at how easily she got away with it.

The group was behind the demonstration in Marenlyst outside NRK before the Dolphin final, but according to Valle had nothing to do with the protester on stage.

Announcing more demos

Wearing a “Boycott Israel” T-shirt and holding a large Palestinian flag, the lone fighter was able to say, “The war is on, and Norway can do more.” VG.

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According to Propaganda.

Marte Valle warns that there are more announcements to come regarding the Melody Grand Prix:

– The artist and activist tells NTB that until NRK raises the issue of the situation with Israel as a participant in Eurovision, there will be continued demonstrations.

Watch the video: The web was buzzing about it: – Shame on you

– Think differently

– It's impossible to protect yourself completely, says Henning Christiansen, operations manager at security company ProSec.

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The company provides security services for some of the biggest festivals and events in Norway, as well as sporting events and TV shows such as “Shall We Dance”.

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– While it is possible to protect oneself with barriers, barriers and more guards, the question is how far one wants to go. What we see is that the stagehands behind the TV broadcasts want to create a cooler environment, with lower stages and closer audiences without barriers, and then security becomes more difficult. Christiansen says it's always possible to take to the stage and then remove the demonstrators quickly and legally.

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Security veteran Henning Christiansen, operations manager at ProCheck Professional Security, says new types of adversaries present other challenges. Photo: Vidar Root / NTP

While some of those who attack podiums or football stadiums prefer personal attention, a new type of protester has emerged. According to Christianson, climate activists are “much better prepared and committed” than traditional opponents.

– They think differently and require new thinking instead. As a security guard, you need to be quick and steady, have a trained eye and keep a keen eye on the audience. Palestinian activists have also proven forward-leaning, says the defender.

Artists fear repercussions

The second semi-final at the Melody Grand Prix will take place next Saturday. Entertainment editor Charlo Halvorsen declined to comment on NTB's question about what NRK would do if an MGP artist protested in the two remaining semi-finals and the final on February 7 in Trondheim.

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Marthe Vallée tells NTB that she has been in contact with many artist colleagues, including participants in the Melody Grand Prix. Only two of the participants this year, Minister of Goth It advanced to the finals in February, and Mia They are clear in saying that they do not think Israel should be allowed to participate in Eurovision.

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– Many artists in and out of the Melody Grand Prix have told me that they worry about the consequences for their own lives if they speak out. Maybe that's the risk you should take now — if you have a voice. Valle says that the current situation is very bad.

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The Action Group for Palestine, swinging outside NRK at Marienlist in Oslo last Saturday, announces further demonstrations.  Photo: Annika Byrd / NTP

The Action Group for Palestine, swinging outside NRK at Marienlist in Oslo last Saturday, announces further demonstrations. Photo: Annika Byrd / NTP

– A risk worth taking

Some artists fear being accused of anti-Semitism, while others face tough questions and feel they “can't do enough,” he says.

She is an artist and was recently nominated for Spelman in 2022, but is now often in the media for her passionate activist commitment.

By the end of October last year, Valle was behind A cultural appeal Many artists signed a petition to stop the bombing. Today, she feels “frustrated” after months of trying by fellow artists to protest more.

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