Agriculture, Farmers | Hans Kielmuiden should learn to be thankful for food

Agriculture, Farmers |  Hans Kielmuiden should learn to be thankful for food

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Norwegian food production and the debates going on these days portraying consumers as paying someone to produce our food is a bad case of no connection to the land, which cannot go unchallenged.

Hans Geelmuyden at Netavision says that farmers need more and we don't need to strengthen Norwegian food production – because consumers have to pay for it.

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As a consumer, I want to explain to all of us why I think it is wise to pay the farmer a living wage, and why more food should be produced in Norway.

No farmers, no food

First, we are human the door Without food. Food is one of the basic physiological needs of humans. Someone has to cook that food, and farmers do. So, no farmers – no food. This is the starting point for an agricultural policy that concerns us all.

Second, it matters where the food comes from and who produces it. Norwegian food is short-range and eco-friendly, and the animals have had a good time.

In addition, Norwegian food production contributes to 100,000 jobs throughout Norway. To prevent migration, Kielmuyden writes, we absolutely depend on strong rural communities — rural communities that exist today because someone settled there and produced food.

Third, Norwegian food production readiness. The time for naivety and foolish reductions in security and preparedness is over. Food production is an important part of our overall preparedness.

You, me and everyone else can contribute – but without someone cooking our food, we won't make it for long in a time of crisis.

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Heavy work

Both urban and rural people depend on someone willing to stand up every day so that the rest can come to a table.

The safety of everyone in Norway depends on it. Therefore, it is high time and absolutely necessary to raise the income of farmers and increase our self-sufficiency. Because it's fundamentally unfair for someone to volunteer to feed the rest of us, and it's about the future and safety of all of us living in this country.

Being a farmer is a way of life, and there are many people who have sacrificed vacations, high-paying careers, and simple lives in favor of long days and hard work.

We cannot take for granted that they will in the future – and threatening food producers is the last thing our country needs right now.

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False claims

So Hans Kielmuyden misses the mark when he tries to pit the groups against each other, and makes false claims that consumers pay too much to cook our food for some “rich” farmers, and get angry when they do.

It is absolutely right and important for everyone to be part of a divisive team to ensure that food production exists in this country – as Jielmuiden will find out very quickly that the cost of not having food production in Norway is significantly higher.

Then many of us would starve, Norway would be a less safe country – and we would lose much of our culture and history.

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Sigmund Qualey said it well Namthal newspaper:

“If you gather an average of 1,000 Norwegians in a hall, only seven of them know the art of food production. The other 993 depend on these seven. Those who speak ill of farmers should not speak with food in their mouths.

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