Air train to take over eastern Norway – VG

Air train to take over eastern Norway - VG
Top views: Flytoget, CEO Philipp Engedal wants to take over rail transport in eastern Norway. He wants to remind the government that they have two state-owned railway companies that operate rail transport in eastern Norway.

They warn the government not to provide all rail transport to Vaiku in the future.


It is a well-known secret that Flytoget had high ambitions in Eastern Norway.

But now the state-owned company is publicly confirming for the first time: they have submitted offers in a bid to gain rail transport in much of eastern Norway.

The same competition that the new transport minister wants to cancel, Assign the task directly to Vy (formerly NSB).

– We were a little surprised to see that the Minister would allocate directly to Y. We are worthy of consideration, Flyoget’s CEO Philip Engdal sent a message to VG.

The train segments currently competing are:

Rail transport is already competitive in most parts of the country, but there are two packages in Eastern Norway. The competition for one of the red squares on the map (called Traffic Package 4) has already begun. Then the fifth set extension was to be announced later.

FlytoJet, which operates trains to Oslo Airport, has been working for more than two years to prepare the opportunity to take these routes.

They are now asking themselves whether they should be treated as equals – or whether their proposals should be scrapped.

– Now you are very lucky in Norway, you have two state railway companies. As we do in the Gardermoen line, we think of it as a unique opportunity, to a greater extent, to allow them to compete a little, says Engdal to VG.

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– We feel forgotten

Flytoget points out that they rarely go out very hard in the media.

– We feel forgotten, so it’s important to say don’t go out now. If you ask us, we will stand up, but now the most important thing is that we register and say that we will be considered, before they finish, Engadel tells Vijay.

Other name: If Flytoget actually got the job done, it would not be Flytoget on the train from Fredrikstad to Moss. “We have a company called PhytoJet, which we believe is very relevant,” points out CEO Philip Engdell.

John-Ivar Niegard of the Labor Party has been appointed Norway’s new Minister of Transport and Communications. At Vy’s expense, VG asks if Flytoget is willing to play a major role in rail transport.

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Given that the government is stopping the tender process for the two train races to be held in eastern Norway, the direct award goes to Vai.

He responds:

– The goal of this government is to create a better railway for all. The Minister of Transport and Communications writes that we are now beginning the process of exploring in more detail how to stop the tender process.

– Although not unnatural, there is no automation in any direct task that goes to Vy. This is one of the topics we are looking at now. I record that Flytoget is interested in awarding such a contract, writes the Minister of Transport.

Later: New Transport Minister Joan-Iver does not give a clear answer to Nicard Flydoket now, but says “now we will consult with our professional authorities to carry out a complete process and then come back with more details”.

– Hope he takes the time

Since 2009, Flytoget has sought to play a major role in rail transport in eastern Norway. They say it can be taken in its entirety, but there is still this one extension from Oslo Airport to Drumman.

– We understand that the Minister will implement the policy of the Government to stop competition for rail transport in Eastern Norway. But we hope he will take the time to consider what he should do instead. The goal should be to offer the best offer to travelers – everything will be the same as before, says Engdell on Flitojet.

– Do you think there is a real opportunity to offer a better offer than Vy på Østlandet?

– We don’t know. We know we have a better offer than customers enjoy today. We don’t know if other players have offered anything better than this. But I think we need to spend some more time, Flytoget responds to the above.

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Have you tested this? Since the summer of 2020, Flytoget has been able to:

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