Andibo, Artificial Intelligence | Intelligence favorable?

Andibo, Artificial Intelligence |  Intelligence favorable?

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Like you, I'm afraid of most new things, but I'm still a little nervous about AI on my behalf. Announcing a tour with Robotsen's “High Artificial Intelligence” show doesn't seem very likely here and now. But why not? It must be a dream product. There are no bickering artists to deal with and no one to split revenue with.

If the robot is shown on stage, there will be no travel, hotel or anything to transport, just send a data file to any cultural center and start selling tickets. I actually regret putting anyone on the tank. And there's probably a little trick: Who will write what you're reading now in the future? Will there be a market for the book in a few years?

They will learn from us, but on their own. Recording information without programming it into it. A bit like the smartest student in the class. You remember the person who never said anything, everything just happened and stayed put. Full house in all tests. They may not be gym savvy, but our new computer friends don't care. But when robots learn from us, there will be many obstacles. It's only a matter of time before they have a day off on a busy day. It's not a robot that works between Ascension Day and the weekend in a few years. And then you are good to go. They should have lunch (recharge their energy) in the middle of the day, their own canteen and their main protection officer. Suddenly they will get an extra week of vacation on the eve of their working robot life.

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We must not make robots too smart, that is where the battle stands now and we can still win. We have to make them completely stupid, so that they do not understand the best of themselves. If not, they'll be just like us, and we'll see how it goes.

After toying with the idea of ​​being made redundant for a few days, I had to ask someone for advice. But? Why not ask the question directly to the enemy, one of them himself? So I just posed a question to chatGPT, one of the best bots out there on the internet: “Will AI take over as writers?”

Fortunately, the answer was somewhat reassuring:

“While AI has the potential to simplify writing tasks and improve the quality of written content, it is important to note that human creativity, insight, emotional depth, and the ability to understand the complex nuances of language remain a challenge for AI to fully replicate. Writers will likely continue to In participating in the process of creating creative content, developing ideas, and crafting stories that engage readers in a meaningful way, AI can be a useful tool to support writers in their work, but it is unlikely to completely replace them.

Oof. They themselves think that they will not take charge at first. There's still something I don't like about the tone. He reminds me of the besserwisseren who always has the answer for everything in any social setting. Do we really have to carry a digital copy of it with us everywhere? I can't stand it.

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Moreover, if she had been fully aware of community trends and learned from us over the past year, she should have answered accurately: “I am incompetent at the above problem.”

Some are on their way to digital transformation, for example finance and accounting. However, I'm afraid I'll have to contact the bot about issues with my annual statement. When I'm frustrated with an RF-1052 Equity Settlement Form, I need the comfort of someone who understands me, not someone who is emotionless.

Fortunately, we humans need each other, whether on stage or in a number of other professions. We can hope that it will take some time to replace personal feelings, emotional attitudes, and specifically existence among us humans. And if the fear is of being erased and left behind, it might be nice to think that a robot, whether visible or invisible, will never be able to give you a good, warm hug. I suspect.

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