The Swedish director is shocked: – Long live Russia

The Swedish director is shocked: – Long live Russia

During a speech at the annual meeting of the Swedish-Russian Friends Society, Swedish actor and director Richard Torben (58 years old) praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, and wrote: Express.

Torben is the founder and laureate of the Socialist Court in Stockholm The prestigious Thalia Award from Svenska Dagbladet In 2003. He currently works as an actor in the Uppsala State Theater's production of “German Autumn” by Stig Dagermann.

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– Not a nice neighbor

In front of Expressen newspaper, Turbin says that Putin is a champion of peace, who only wants to defend the people of Luhansk, Donetsk and Crimea and liberate them from Ukraine.

He believes that Putin should have gone to war against Ukraine.

– Whoever the Russian president is was forced to make such a decision. The country, which has 18 CIA bases on the border, is not a nice neighbor, Turpin tells Expressen.

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“Long live Russia”

The speech given by Turpin during the annual meeting is It was published on the website of the Swedish-Russian Society of Friends. The letter ends with:

“With the war in Ukraine, a completely new world is emerging. Long live Russia.”

When Expressen asked him if he wrote the letter, and if he meant what he said, Turpin replied:

– He says my name, right? Shouldn't I mean it then?

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