Asking people to prepare to be without electricity and cell phones indoors – VG

Asking people to prepare to be without electricity and cell phones indoors - VG
Storm: In November 2021, a violent storm hit Hedalen between Ringerike and Sør Aurdal.

People should have enough food and equipment to survive for a few days, and think about what they will do if they can’t make contact with the outside world, the state official believes inside.


Advice comes after one evaluation From a severe storm in southern Norway in November last year, which led to a number of power outages and affected mobile phone networks from many suppliers.

The blown trees led to power outages in several places, with the result, among other things, running out of power for the base stations of the mobile networks and emergency networks.

According to the assessment, it is necessary to prepare for the exit of electrical and electronic communications for short periods, and they are asking people to prepare for this.

Loss of electricity, mobile phone networks, and emergencies can have many causes, but the consequences are one, and this illustrates the lessons learned from last year’s storm.

Big Tree Fall: Large groves of trees are littered across District Road 243 in Hedalen on the border between Ringerike and Sør Aurdal.

You must have a stock of food and equipment

Both residents and public authorities should have good plans for what to do before, during and after things like this happen – and they wrote that promoting self-preparedness is important.

– This means that people should have sufficient stocks of food and equipment to manage themselves for a few days and prepare mentally.

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Communication is especially critical

This is necessary even if the public authorities have to have plans for this and to keep the population safe.

This is what the state official thinks should be done as well:

  • Think about what it means to have no contact with the outside world
  • Think about what to do if you need immediate help

Increasing the strength of society, whether it is about strengthening critical infrastructure or making the individual citizen better equipped to face crises, will increase the capacity of crisis management and public defense in Norway, the Director of State wrote.

– Hunting radio can be used

The assessment shows that notification and communication are “highly demanding” when the range is as extensive as last year’s storm. In the municipality of Søndre Land, for example, four out of five base stations of the emergency network were out of order after the storm in November.

In two municipalities, Etnedal and Vang, all communications were disrupted, but they managed to get the municipal manager of Etnedal via the mobile phone and the municipality of Vang via the satellite phone.

In subsequent meetings, the Director of State and Affected Municipalities talked about getting an overview of the available resources.

– If ecom, telephone, electricity, emergency power, for example, can be used for hunting radios and security radios, they write.

Plans for where to meet up to use a satellite phone and emergency network and get help if you need it, and to make sure this gets communicated to the people in relationships, are part of the learning points after a strong storm.

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Information about this can also be hung as physical notes on the wall.

As a measure during the storm, emergency vehicles were placed in the middle of the affected municipalities to be able to receive people with urgent needs, but who did not have a telephone connection.

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