Bianca Ingroso: – With tears:

Bianca Ingroso: - With tears:

In recent weeks, there’s been a storm around Swedish influencer Bianca Ingrosso, 27, due to her collaboration with clothing giant Gina Tricot. She is currently leading one of the brand’s campaigns, which not everyone is completely happy with.

Ingroso has been very open for a long time about her suffering from bulimia eating disorder.

As a result, there have also been many people who have criticized Gina Tricot, having previously stated that they do not want to work with or confront models with eating disorders.

Jenna Tricot He himself responded to criticism, but Ingroso has been silent so far. In a new video on Youtube However, she responds to what she refers to as a “misunderstanding”.

Open: Bianca Ingroso has struggled with bulimia for several years, and she spoke openly about it during a visit to Scaflan on Saturday. Video: TV 2
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– You will get better

The promotion came around the same time as the 27-year-old She caused a stir with a scene in the family reality series “Wahlgrens värld”.. There, she spoke to her mother, Pernilla Walgreen, 54, about her eating disorder in a heated conversation.

In the scene she says, among other things, that she does not want to recover from an eating disorder.

Watch the clip in the video below:

Outbreak: Bianca, Benjamin Ingrosso and Pernilla Wahlgren at “Wahlgren’s world” have an intense discussion in the car. Video: Discovery +. Reporter: Marth Vetter-Jones.
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However, Ingrosso is quick to point out that the scene was taped 8-9 months ago – not now.

– Perhaps I should have said this a long time ago, but I want to recover. She says in a YouTube video, I’ve probably never been so close to recovery from now.

Many have always been concerned about the influencer, and when Gina Tricot’s campaign topped the list, her reaction was even greater.

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responds to criticism

Ingroso herself now thinks there is nothing to worry about, and points out that she is getting help with her illness. With tears in her eyes, she also said that the clothing brand had done nothing but support her.

No one cares more about my health than all my collaborators, and I am so upset that it seems so wrong, because I am so frustrated. You know when you want to stand up and scream something straight: “No, no, no, that’s totally wrong!” I work with the best people in the world.

She continues, saying that it is frustrating to grow up now, when she is in such a good place in her life.

– Now I’m the one who says stop. Now you have to stop making judgments and giving opinions about something that is not what it is (…) This has affected me quite a bit, and I feel a little small in everything. She adds I’m a bit shocked, but I respect the situation.

Storms of the registry: Benjamin Ingrosso talks about the time the family was on “Sinnasnekkeren” and ran away from the registry, and how it led to “Wahlgren’s World.” Video: Discovery +
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– misunderstanding

The 27-year-old adds that Gina Tricot is “a great role model,” and that she has a much better relationship with the people behind the brand than many think.

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– It is clearly boring to once again have to answer something that is already a social problem, something that is inconsistent with our daily life (…) I am more than an eating disorder. To Jenna, I just want to say this has become a huge misunderstanding.

The clothing giant responded to the criticism at the beginning of October. They did this on Instagram, where, among other things, it turned out that they understand the responsibility they bear.

“We work with Bianca because she is one of Sweden’s leading personalities and a successful professional woman. In her social media she brings up topics and there is discussion and openness. In the past year, we have collaborated with Bianca, but also other profiles and models to be always comprehensive and inspiring “, he was among the what they wrote.

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