Broadcasting Director Thor Germund Eriksen will retire in 2022

Broadcasting Director Thor Germund Eriksen will retire in 2022

After ten years as president of broadcasting, Thor Gjermund Eriksen stated that he wanted to resign, NRK . Reports. He took the position in 2013.

– I’m not bored or bored with NRK, but I think it’s the right timing. Then I hope I can finally use the energy and experience to take on the new challenges, Eriksen tells NRK.

NRK is in the process of moving to a new head office in Ensjø. According to the plan, construction will begin in two to three years.

Eriksen justifies the timing with this transfer to NRK.

It simply doesn’t make sense, neither for NRK nor for me, to make a change in leadership only when the organization is ready for actual action and we’re in the middle of the building process, says Eriksen.


NRK Chairman Berger Magnus told the channel that it was Eriksen himself who initiated the dialogue about the resignation some time ago, and that they are looking for a successor.

– That’s why the board of directors is now starting a process to find his successor. We would like to see that he has lasted throughout his tenure, but we understand that a previous resignation could also be a good solution, both for him and for NRK. There is no doubt that the board of directors has been very happy with Thor Gjermund running NRK in all these years, says Magnus.

The chairman praises Eriksen himself for being an important broadcast director during a turning point in NRK.

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He has managed to create enthusiasm in the organization and increase innovation and adaptability to face the increasing international digital competition. Significant simplifications were carried out, without being at the expense of viewer and listener satisfaction. On the contrary, NRK’s ​​support is a record, he tells the channel.

Moving head office

in the middle of may It became clear that NRK would buy Ensjøveien 3, 5 and 7, and move its head office from Marienlyst to Ensjø. The land is 14 acres and will be purchased from Ferd Eiendom and Axer Eiendom for a total amount of NOK 800 million, of which NOK 500 million will go to Ferd.

At the time, broadcast director Thor Gjermund Eriksen stated that he was very pleased with the purchase.

For the price, this is very good. It’s shocking to say, 800 million is a lot of money, but we get about five billion for the piece of land we have today. He told DN that this was one of the most affordable alternatives.

According to NRK, about two-thirds of the broadcaster’s 3,250 employees will have the new head office in Ensjø as a workplace.

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