Business, Car and Transportation | Car customers across the country are getting this invoice: – Illegal

Business, Car and Transportation |  Car customers across the country are getting this invoice: – Illegal

(Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad) Are you one of those who received an invoice with a car insurance offer from Nordisk Bilgaranti?

Then you are not alone.

More and more car customers receive an invoice where you are informed that your car’s factory warranty has expired, while being offered an extended protection with a new warranty.

– This is not from us, and we do not recommend this solution to anyone, Bertel O. in Sarpsborg. says Odd Vidar Jensen, customer receiver at Stein.

Many car dealers say they regularly receive inquiries from customers who suspect the dealer sent such invoices.

Nordisk Bilgaranti AS is the company sending the offer. They don’t specifically answer how many offers they send, but write in the email that those who don’t have a guarantee and those who want to get a guarantee will receive offers from them.

Independent Assurance Company

The Nordic Car Warranty letter contains all the technical information about your car and they state that the factory warranty has now expired.

– We get our information from public documents, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. We delete them from the reservation register and comply Anna Moen from Nordisk Bilgaranti says.

Five year warranty

Once the factory warranty expires, you, the car owner, get the option to extend the car’s warranty for another five years through a new warranty.

A full year’s premium costs NOK 2,995 and they promise more than NOK zero, fast claim settlement and car repairs at a workshop near you.

– As we are an independent warranty company, the customer can choose the workshop they want to use, it doesn’t have to be an approved one. So the customer can freely choose workshops in Sarpsborg, says Anna Moen in an email to Sarpsborg Arbeiterblad.

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At Mobile Surfsburg’s workshop, customers wonder what the offer is.

– Most of the inquiries we get about these invoices are from well-to-do people, says Charlie Hoyas, customer receiver.

He advises his clients to check with their own insurance company to see if they need additional coverage after the warranty period expires.

– Looks like an invoice

Nordisk Bilgaranti was established in 2021 and had an operating income of over NOK 13 million in 2022. The company is wholly owned by Dennis Peter Niklas Vellerfors. When the company started, its share capital was NOK 30,000.

The Norwegian Automobile Industry Association wrote last year that they are very skeptical about whether they have the financial capacity to undertake such warranty obligations.

There were many complaints

The Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority has previously received several complaints about Nordisk Bilgaranti.

– The biggest challenge in this case is that the letter the car owner receives looks like an invoice – and it sends car owners years remaining on the factory new car warranty, according to consumer advocate Thomas Iverson. Council As previously stated on the website Broome.

Anna Moen at Nordisk Bilgaranti doesn’t understand that NAF, the Norwegian Automobile Industry Association and the Consumer Council are criticizing their offer.

– We don’t know why they are negative about us, none of them have contacted us directly to discuss it, so we can’t answer that question. But we look forward to them contacting us so that we can get answers directly from them rather than from the media,” he writes.

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Not seriously

Maia Cecilie Lindestad, lawyer in the legal department at the Norwegian Automobile Industry Association (NBF), wrote in an opinion piece for Broom:

– Sending offers that look like invoices is considered an unfair business practice and is prohibited.

He warns against “marketing applications that give the customer the impression that there is no guarantee and that they have to act quickly by signing a contract with this player.”

– Offers are disguised as invoices, Benjamin Hunt, Associate Attorney at NAF Advocate, previously stated on the website Motor.No

Both the NAF, the NBF and the Consumer Protection Commission believe that the warranty offer does not appear to be serious.

– Magistat tells that we have sent this to the police and the Consumer Council, and we hope they will take action.

Moen from Nordisk Bilgaranti writes that he has so many satisfied customers that 90 percent of those who complain about us or leave comments are not even our customers.

Not recommended

The Norwegian Automobile Industry Association has previously warned that it is not sent by their member companies or recommended by importers or factories.

– Nordic Car Guarantee itself has received information about cars and ownership and sent it on its own initiative, it says on their website.

The Norwegian Automobile Industry Association points out that many recipients have up to several years left on their factory warranty, making the offer misleading.

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