Children play outside in Kautokino

Children play outside in Kautokino

Kautokeino broke cold records, but kindergarten children will still be sent outside at -43.5 degrees.

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This week, Kautokeino set the cool record for this millennium. On Thursday, it dropped to −43.5 degrees. However, the municipality did not prevent the release of small residents.

When VG calls the manager of the kindergarten in Kautokeino the answer is short and clear:

– Kids play outside here, replies Britt Arnebuck.

– Restless

With a double layer fleece, parka suit, scarf, gloves and hat, kids can enjoy being outside despite the Siberian cold.

– When there are long periods when it is cold, we see them becoming restless when inside. Then we take them outside for a walk, Ørnebakk says, and outdoor-loving kids should still do it for 15-20 minutes at a time.

Do you have pictures of you or yours playing outside in the cold? Please send it to us Here!

– No kids complaining about the temperature?

– Well, she explains that we have some people who don't want to go outside when it's ten plus degrees, so there are always some people who don't want to go out, and there are those who worry.

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– Some parents may be the ones who worry the most. Immigrants and people who are not used to the cold are preferred here.

According to the business manager, there are even children who think it's good to be outside and test the cold.

– For example, blowing hot water into cold air. Plus, there are so many beautiful colors outside now that it's cool.

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Don't limit

Municipal supervisor in Kautokeino, Anne Lajla Westefjell Kalstad, supports Ørnebakk. He highlights the importance of being outside despite sub-zero temperatures.

– Knowledge of how to withstand the cold is very important when you live in Finland.

And injuries – no, the doctor is not afraid that it will happen.

– Does anyone have frostbite?

– We see a little bit of that. In a society that is always cold, children must learn to cope with it, says municipal superintendent.

– If we were operating with a lower limit, children would not be allowed outside. That's why we don't do it here like they do elsewhere in the country.

It's important to learn: Anne Lajla Westefjell Kalstad, municipal supervisor in Kautokino, believes it's important for children to learn to cope with the cold.

Kalstad, on the other hand, emphasizes how important it is to dress properly.

– It is important to have good clothes, wool and many layers. Cover the face, wear a hat, scarf and good gloves. Then you have to keep an eye on each other, and no one gets frostbite.

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The municipality located in Finnmarksvita is already well-known for its low number on the temperature scale. It also reflects how they dress.

– We learn that they tolerate being outside for short periods of time well, and everyone here knows how to dress. The Municipal Superintendent concludes that they have clothes to withstand the cold.

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