– Very imprudent – E24

– Very imprudent – E24

National meeting of Center Party says not to electrify Melgoya fearing high electricity prices. – Populist, says Hammerfest Mayor Terje Wikström.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Jonas Kerr visited the LNG plant in Hammerfest, where Equinor will spend 13 billion to extend its life. This could require 4.3 terawatt hours of electricity annually, or three percent of Norway’s total electricity consumption.
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– Representative Ole André Myhrvold (Sp) tells E24 that the electrification of Melkoya is inappropriate in the current situation in the north.

At the weekend, the ruling party’s national assembly said Equinar was not allowed to use large amounts of electricity from the grid to switch to gas power. LNG plantLNG plantLNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is natural gas that is cooled, compressed and shipped to the global market. On Melkøya in Hammerfest.

The NOK 13 billion project will extend the life of the Melkoya plant and ensure a long-term supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the world market.

Terje Wikström (AP) is the mayor of Hammerfest.

Hammerfest Mayor Terje Wikström (Ap) believes the Center Party’s decision creates uncertainty. He fears a controlled liquidation on Melkoya.

– I think this plan is very unwise, says Wikstrøm to E24.

– A no to the plan would effectively mean a controlled decommissioning of Melcoya, and the facility’s lifespan would be shortened, he says.

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SP Equinor says no power drain: – Very short term

– Very populist

Wikstrom is frustrated that the SP national meeting has said no to electrification without offering any alternatives. Other parties have pointed to CO₂ cleaning as an alternative, although Equinor says this is too expensive.

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– It’s easy to say no, but I want to challenge the center party on what their solution is. This is not how we built our industry historically. Wickstrom says it will be more populist.

– I am concerned with forecasting, which is very important for business and for the region, he says.

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Storr defends Melkoya’s electrification: – Understands the restless

– Unacceptable

According to Myhrvold, the Center Party fears that Melkoya’s electrification will put more pressure on electricity prices, causing other industrial projects in the north to be abandoned.

– We cannot accept that outcome. He says we need to intensify the debate on how to meet climate targets and increase energy surpluses.

Wikström fears that the Center Party’s moves could also threaten the Skiddy-Hammerfest power line, which Equinor would have to pay for. Wikstrøm wonders what the Center Party will do to ensure enough power and networks for the Hammerfest area.

– This may create uncertainty about this line. Without the line, other players in the region, such as Horizon Energy’s hydrogen and ammonia project, could lack power, he says.

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Melkoya power line can affect reindeer husbandry by: – ​​increasing pressure on areas

– Can cause power shortage

The mayors of northern Norway’s six largest municipalities have come forward and said they fear the electrification of Melkøya will come at the expense of business development and jobs in the region.

Among these is Harstad mayor Kari-Anne Opsal (Ap). He believes it should be possible to achieve national climate goals and protect Melcoya’s future without affecting other players in the region who need power.

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Harstad Mayor Kari-Anne Opsel (Apr).

– Opsal says the project could create power shortages in northern Norway and prevent industrial opportunities in other locations such as Mo i Rana and Narvik.

– Statenet has already said No 40 actors They have asked for increased power consumption in the region, and there is little popular and political understanding that Melkoya will be an obstacle to a green transition in other industries, he says.

– Do Ap then Sp and say no to electrification of Melkauya?

– It’s not that easy, because we also have to meet our climate goals, and Norway has promised to be a reliable gas supplier. It also provides large national income. If Melkøya is not electrified, production will be significantly reduced from 2030, so compatible solutions must be found here, Opsal says.

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Reindriftssame: – Do we really have to destroy so much to electrify Melgoya?

– A nut

One possible solution to the increasing power demand in the North is to increase power generation in the region, but there is great resistance to new power and grid developments.

– It’s a nut, says Opsal.

He believes people have difficulty understanding why consumption should increase dramatically if there is not enough power.

– There is not one person in Northern Norway who understands why we need to do this until we build enough power and networks to supply both the oil industry and industry. He says this should have been done long ago.

– Very serious

ElectrificationElectrificationIn this case, electrification means replacing polluting gas power with clean water and wind power from the power grid. Melkøya will reduce emissions by 850,000 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent annually, or two percent of Norway’s total emissions.

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Norway is miles behind its own climate targets. The plan is to cut emissions by 55 percent by 2030, but so far Norway is on track to cut 25 percent.

the world Maybe 1.5 degrees pass warming by the 2030s, according to a report by the UN Climate Panel on Monday.

Storting representative Lars Haltbrecken (SV) fears that the illness of the Center Party may cause Melköya to lash out as before.

– That’s why the government should help Equinar look more fully at carbon capture and storage instead of electrification, Haltbrecken tells E24.

– If the Center Party now says no to electrification and doesn’t want to do anything about emissions from Melgoya, that’s too serious, he adds.

SV is also concerned about the Skaidi-Hammerfest power line, which, according to NVE, could have consequences for reindeer husbandry in the region. Haltbrecken believes the government should look at whether the route can be laid on a cable, even if it costs more.

– Very short term

– Saying it is not practical means that LNG production at Melgoya will be curtailed earlier than it otherwise would have been. Rep. Nikolai Astrup (H) tells E24 that the center party will be short-lived by saying no without alternatives.

He is open to CO₂ purification if this is possible within the timeframe set by Equinor. But fundamentally he believes enough power must be produced for Equinor and other industries.

– I don’t know why the industry on Melkoya should be compared with other industries. Both parts are important. What happens in Melkøya is very profitable for the community and the company, so in this sense Snøhvit Future is a good project. He says we need to improve power generation in the region so we have enough for everything.

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