Christian party, school | Is there no longer room for personal development and freedom of expression in the school system?

Christian party, school |  Is there no longer room for personal development and freedom of expression in the school system?

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He has a school system Do children and youth fail?

briefly Once again, my daughter and I participated in a conversation with a group of young people who had gathered on one of the social media. In this conversation I got some questions regarding politics, as they knew that I was politically active in the Christian party.

all the youth They were from different places in Oslo and Viken, but had the same opinion that they felt that the school did not give them enough learning. They perceive much of what is happening in school as boring, and believe that this is why so many of them become restless, and create problems for the learning environment in their classrooms.

They claimed that they learned more at home and on the Internet than they did in school.

They did more detail The teachers expected them to believe in some theses or narratives that the youth themselves did not believe in. If they don’t agree with everything the teachers have said and thought about these narratives, they can be written down or sent outside of class. According to them, debate or openness about difficult topics is not tolerated.

is not it More space for personal development and freedom of expression in the school system? Was Reform 97 the beginning of the destruction of individualism in the school system?

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The reform was intended To settle social differences, but today 20 years later, researcher Anders Bakken in

‘No level social differences”

As the earth says The assessment of knowledge enhancement indicates that neither R97 nor knowledge promotion had a particular effect on leveling social differences, as advocates of reform had hoped it would.

– not Which suggests that it was a compromise fix. Parents’ education was largely what differentiated the children’s outcomes, regardless of whether the children had been to school for nine or ten years, Bakken says.

The most important task of the school It should be to impart knowledge, stimulate curiosity and support parents in the upbringing of their children. The early years in school have a huge impact on children’s development, which in turn lays the foundation for the rest of adulthood.

So we must Strengthening the basic subjects in the school system, and returning the Christian subject as a separate subject.

We should too Put a new reform of the whole school. Fix 97 and all updates thereafter have gone their way, without contributing to better results, so it is now necessary to reform the school system again.

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