Conditions not worthy

Conditions not worthy

The fact that young people are mentally struggling is a trend that has emerged over time.

“Once again we see that mental health care is very weak,” writes Ole Irgens. In the photo, Kongsberg residents gather to mourn after five people were murdered.
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Everything indicates That the culprit from Kongsberg is not an extremist or extremist, but a sick person who should have been arrested by the health service long ago. Once again, we see that mental health care is very poor – perhaps the worst part of our health system, which despite beautiful words and big promises, has had to decay for many years.

BTV on Sunday, October 17, tells of young people who have to wait more than two months to get psychiatric help at BUP in downtown Bergen. VG wrote it recently Three out of four psychologists with an operating agreement have a waiting period of more than half a year. Imagine if patients with physical injuries would wait the same amount of time: “Broken bones? Yes, then you have to come back in six months.” Of course, it’s absolutely out of the question, but that’s normal in mental health care.

“The money is there, the professionals are there – what is needed is to direct resources in the right direction,” Ole Irgens writes of mental health care

That young people struggle Mentally, it is a trend that has been evident over time. In a survey we conducted at Tryg, a third of respondents under the age of 30 reported that they might need psychological help within the past year. The survey was conducted just before the epidemic. As the BT report released on Sunday explains: There are a lot of young people who need help now.

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Tryg and many other insurance companies provide psychological assistance as part of their treatment insurance. This year we’ve seen the number of insurance-related consultations increase by 30-40%: home offices and social isolation are making their mark. But capacity in the public sector is as weak as it was when the country shut down in March last year. If you need treatment beyond the limited number of hours insurance can provide, you must pay yourself or line up.

The health nurse, or the health nurse as it is now called, is the first-line service for children and young people in the school. Fortunately, there was an 18 percent increase of those from 2016 to 2020, According to figures from Statistics Norway. But there are still too many schools that don’t have these reference people.

“Maybe the new government can start the great work that needs to be done,” Ole Irgens asks of the mental health show. The photo shows flowers and candles at a crime scene in Kongsberg.

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Is there a shortage of psychologists in Norway? If you want to pay, you can go to a private psychologist almost during the day, at least in cities. But not everyone can pay 1000-1500 kroner per hour for a psychologist. Nor should it be necessary, in what is increasingly being described as the best country in the world to live in.

According to the Norwegian Psychological Association Appropriations for mental health care have stagnated since 2013, despite the intent that mental health should be given a higher priority than physical therapy. Many municipalities are completely without a psychologist service.

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The Norwegian Psychological Association calls thismental health crisis»In the municipalities. The Stoer government is clear in its program about the challenges that exist in mental health care, and calls it “Conditions not worthy» In Hordahl platform. Perhaps the new government can begin the great work that needs to be done?

because it is Mental health “undue circumstances” when you have to wait half a year for a psychiatrist. It is not worth the patient to follow the psychologists in the area and invite each of them to listen to him when he has time. For some the exhaustive list of psychologists with waiting time, or an online appointment booking solution, does not exist.

There are “unworthy circumstances” when you rely on insurance, or a broad economy, for help with your mental health. Not worth it when struggling young men are faced with a closed health nurse’s office because no one he or she should have been sitting there.

in Tryg er We are happy that our clients get help in a crisis when they need it. But we are unhappy with the fact that the rest of mental health care is not working well enough. One solution might be for more private psychologists to have operating agreements with the public sector.

The money is there, the professionals are there – what is needed is to direct resources in the right direction. And then the health nurses have to go back to school. Offices should be staffed and open so that children and young people have someone to talk to when they need it. In insurance, we know that the best harm is the harm that never happens – hence early intervention and prevention are key.

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We need a big boost Within this important but no less priority part of the health care system – and we need it now. before losing more lives.


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