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- Constant Boom - V.G
Nighttime: Crews worked for hours to rescue a dog stuck on a rock face. On the right is the dog owner.

– This is special, says the head of the fire service after a weekend rescue operation to free a dog in the middle of the night.

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– We have some animal missions, but this one is special. “I can’t remember when we’ve saved a dog that got its head stuck in that way,” says Warnes Regional Fire and Rescue Service Chief of Staff Tor Puan.

At the end of the week, on Saturday night they received an unusual inquiry:

– The distraught dog owner called in and said the dog had found something wonderful in a rock crevice. It jumped headlong and never recovered.

The dog owner was on a night out on Saltøya outside Stjørdal when the incident happened.

– The dog owner was very sorry. They worked to free the dog, using, among other things, soap and water to twist the head out, but it was stuck.

The Værnes region’s fire and rescue service was based on land, and the dog owner’s partner arrived in a boat to pick up the rescue team.

– We sent three of them out, and I helped as the mission leader from shore, says Buan.

Firefighters spent four hours trying to rescue the dog.

Steep terrain: The dog was stuck in a challenging situation.

According to Puan, the dog was “surprisingly calm”. The terrain was steep and the conditions were demanding.

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– We had to secure ourselves with a rope to make sure everything was going well.

Eventually, drilling machines were used to get the dog free.

– We drilled holes and finally cut a piece of rock to get the head out. If it goes well, I will be happy. The dog was calm and happy.

He brags about the dog owner who must have done a great job with the dog.

He says it also had an effect on his colleagues:

– The boys shone like the sun when they returned. They were overjoyed.

The grateful owner brought donuts and flowers to thank them for their help the next day.

Hard work: It took five hours to get the dog out.
FRI: Great joy when the dog was rescued.
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