Creative Europe Supplement to the original text by Jo Nesbø.

Creative Europe Supplement to the original text by Jo Nesbø.

Photography by Hanna Jordan/Ashihog

European creative media Provides a total of €975,000 in development grants to Enthymode movie, More movies, Paradox rights And Piranha movieCreative Europe Reports in Norway.

The four Norwegian production companies receive grants from the MEDIA program to develop their portfolios of 3-5 projects. The arrangement also allows for a short film to be included in the list. Kreativt Europe evaluated a total of 129 applications from applicants in 20 countries. The total budget of the scheme in 2023 is €19,500,000.

INTHEMOOD FILM receives €290,000 to develop three feature films, two TV series and a short film:

The list consists of projects in both animation and live action, all of which have great potential within Norway and abroad, says the review. “For INTHEMOOD FILM, a newly founded company, the support from Kreativt Europe means great recognition of our strategies, networks and plans going forward,” says the Managing Director and Producer. Ingvild Evjemu. “The support will obviously make it a little easier to raise the quality of projects on the way to their realization. Through the list, we are showcasing our vision of creating distinctive, contemporary narratives in collaboration with talents from different backgrounds and at different stages of their careers. We aim to ensure that audiences, whether children or children, can Or adults, from watching strong, relevant series and films, whether in cinemas or on other platforms.”

More Film receives €225,000 to develop its portfolio of four projects:

“The financial support from MEDIA gives us scope to develop new and larger projects and take an important step closer to finished films that will be released to audiences in Norway and worldwide in the coming years. Our goal is to be one of the leading independent production companies in Europe and deliver films of the highest quality,” says the producer. “This support is critical to achieving this.” Maria Eckerhofd.

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Paradox Rights receives €330,000 to develop its portfolio of two series and two films:

Paradox’s slate consists of two socially relevant TV series projects, an animated children’s film and a feature film. garbage – With original text by Jo Nesbo.

“Paradox is very happy with the grant from Kreativt Europe MEDIA. It is great recognition, and shows that our projects, which are based on local stories, also have international appeal. This seed funding is important for us to ensure continuity and to be able to test things,” says the development director. “Which we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise.” Thea Rohr Ostvold In a paradox.

Piraya Film receives €130,000 to develop its collection of four documentaries:

Beraya’s filmography includes two full-length documentaries directed by women from Russia and Kurdistan, and two series by directors Andrei Nekrasov and Torsten Grodd.

“We are proud and happy that Kreativt Europe MEDIA saw the strength of the projects and gave us the confidence to receive comprehensive grants for the second time. The projects are sensitive and challenging both technically and in terms of production. The development grant gives us a solid foundation and good working conditions, and enables us to connect with the right professionals at the national level.” and international. Together, we can now put in the extra effort needed to raise production to this level. The grant also provides important recognition that the projects we have in development also have great potential outside Norway,” says the projects producer Torsten Grodd.

Read more about all the awards here.

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