Debate, Elderly Care | Anne Holt on innovation in aged care: – a betrayal

Debate, Elderly Care |  Anne Holt on innovation in aged care: – a betrayal

Elderly care was the topic of “debate” on Thursday, following the release of the NRK Brennpunkt documentary “Care” behind closed doors earlier this week.

Elderly care in several locations in Norway was investigated with the help of a hidden camera.

Since then, the debate about caring for the country’s elderly has intensified, and the conservative Health Minister Ingwil Kerkol has said people need to do more to plan their own ageing.

– Very expensive

This was the reaction of writer and former justice minister Ann Holt when she met Kerkol during “Tibet”.

– Taking responsibility for one’s aging is very good advice, for those who can, said Anne Holt.

– but is the key word here can. Because it was too expensive, she continued.

– This is a betrayal

Holt believes that innovations in aged care betray the social democratic model.

– We live in a social democratic welfare society. Regardless of whether the prime minister’s name is Solberg or Storr. We agree to take care of each other. And the contract: work properly, behave fairly, Holt said, and the collective will pick you up if you fall.

Also added:

– But these reports and many others’ own experiences show that we no longer pick up the fallen. And it’s a betrayal. I understand that this drives many people.

Holt made it clear that problems with elder care are not a new crisis.

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– It’s not your fault that it looks like this, but you’re the chosen one now, so it’s your responsibility, Holt told Kergol.

– FLere can be the boss in her own life

Health Minister Ingvild Kerkol (AP) responded to the criticism by saying the government was working to create an arrangement that would give more elderly people the chance to choose where they live.

– This spring we will present the reform for the elderly and, among other things, houses under the Husbanken instruments and the housing program for the elderly. So more people can be the boss in their own lives and invest in housing, Gergol said.

– I would like to reiterate that creating services are professionals. They are the ones who provide health care and we need to ensure they have access to this important resource. The Health Minister said that those who need a place in the old age home will be provided.

– interpreted me in a bad way

Kerkol clarified what he meant by a statement he made about taking charge of his own aging in “Political Quarterly” earlier this week.

– When the failure is in the public sector, do you see that it is possible to react to it, asked the presenter Fredrik Solvang.

“I said a lot more things in the “Political Quarterly,” Kjerkol replied.

Also added:

– I feel that someone has interpreted me in the worst sense, for which I apologize. I have to put it on my coat, I have to communicate clearly and clearly, and I have to be reassuring.

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– And I understand that people like Lise Fjeldstad and others are scared and worried. He said they didn’t think I showed enough understanding and warmth in that broadcast.

– Solberg said the same

Program leader Frederik Solvang then turned to Don Wilhelmsen Troon, a member of parliament for the Conservative Party.

– It would be very unfair if all the blame falls on Kerkol, because Erna Solberg said the same thing a few months ago. And it is embodied in project after project and perspective report after perspective report.

– Solvang said precisely that we need to take more responsibility for our aging.

Trøen responded by highlighting the challenges of aging waves.

– We know that the elderly population is increasing dramatically. It is fundamentally good that we live longer. But we know that as we age, we face more health challenges.

– So we must do both and ensure that each of us takes responsibility for our own aging. But it is not only our responsibility. I also believe that municipalities have more responsibility, he said.

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