Divers set to search for missing Staverne woman – suspending other searches

Divers set to search for missing Staverne woman – suspending other searches

Police prosecutor Ole Jacob Carter tells NTP that the reason for the ground breaking was that the search team needed rest.

– We have now searched the local area as best we can. It is a demanding region with demanding topography and harsh weather conditions. Carter says volunteers need to rest after working for days on end.

The search in the local area will continue until Wednesday, when they will resume the search at the end of the week.

Search underwater

On Thursday and Friday, police are sending divers to search the waterfront in the center of Stavern. The police lawyer says the investigation has not yielded any new findings.

– The reason we do it is to rule that she's lying there. Carter says the beach is a natural part of the local area.

Mobile phones are available

The girl is said to have been missing since January 2. He was accused of killing his accomplice, who was found dead the same day.

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However, the basis of the allegation has weakened and now one of the police theories is that the man may have killed the woman before taking her own life.

Police did not want to go out with the last reliable signs of life from the woman, but say they made discoveries on the woman's and the man's mobile phones.

– We have received a lot of information from the phones, which we are currently analyzing. It doesn't lead to finding the woman, but it paints an overall picture of the case, Carter says.

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