DNB, Apple Pay | -We hope DNB customers will have access to Apple Pay

DNB, Apple Pay |  -We hope DNB customers will have access to Apple Pay

BJØRVIKA (Nettavisen): DNB comes into the picture on Thursday with new quarterly figures.

Last Thursday, Apple released news that it is opening up its NFC chip to third parties. It's the device you use when you pay with your mobile phone at the card terminal.

– What will this mean concretely for DNB customers?

-We don't really know what will happen. There is a hearing now in the European Union, mBut it seems to be very exciting news. “So we are looking forward to seeing what the outcome will actually be,” Ingerd Bleekeley-Speten, executive vice president of personal markets at DNB, tells Nettavisen.

– stupid

Many Sbanken customers reacted with resentment when DNB's takeover of the bank caused them to lose outOption to pay using Apple Pay.

– The first shot in the arm is that Sbanken shut down Apple Pay when it is now part of the DNB family. This means I have to find a new bank. “I think this is absolutely stupid,” Christian Jahr, director of the Save the Plumbers – No DNB group, said in Nettavisen in May.

The group soon got the name “Sbanken Customer Journey”.

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CEO Speten told Nettavisen she expects a clarification in mid-March.

– Get the chance

– If the EU gives the green light, what does it mean for DNB customers?

– Then I hope that DNB customers will also be able to pay with Apple Pay through Vipps. Now we have to see what the European Union and Apple decide. I see there is controversy about what they proposed, but we cross our fingers, repeat.

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Sbiten emphasizes that this is a very simple way to pay.

-Were you surprised by the turn the case took?

– I wish this would happen, it means so You should get equal competition terms in the form of mobile payments etcg that Apple should open. I am Glad it seems like something is actually happening nowg that we may be given the opportunity to compete on equal terms – that They opened up as others had long ago.

The European Union decides

Although the European Commission must provide final clarification on the new rules and Apple must share the necessary documentation, Vipps is already preparing the solution for the mats on iPhone and Android.

This will happen after March 7 when the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) comes into force.

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