Donald Trump – On Fire:

Donald Trump – On Fire:


  • Donald Trump caused a stir with an alleged comment about Milwaukee during a meeting with Republican members of Congress.
  • He is said to have described the city as “terrible”, prompting reactions.
  • Trump later clarified that he was talking about crime and election integrity in the city.

Former President Donald Trump returned to the US Congress on Wednesday. It's been just over three years since it was stormed by angry Trump supporters on January 6, 2021.

The occasion was a meeting with Republican members of Congress.

The meeting was closed, but part of what was said still appears in the American media. There is one thing in particular that has caused a stir.

– Milwaukee, where we will hold our national meeting, is a terrible city, as the former president is said to have said Punchbowl's Jake Sherman.

Milwaukee is the most populous city in the swing state of Wisconsin, a state that could decide the US election, and such a comment is unlikely to resonate there.

Therefore, a number of Republicans came out to downplay Trump's statement and try to put it in context.

Some Republicans said Milwaukee Journal Sentinel The context was that Trump was concerned about the integrity of Milwaukee's elections, others said it was about crime in the city, while one representative claimed that Trump did not say those exact words.

The same actor later stated that Trump was not talking about the city as a whole, but rather about specific problems there.

In recent weeks, several clips of the US President have received great attention. Now an incident at the G7 meeting has caused a stir on social media. Video: Reuters. Reporter: Marti Niloken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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Trump explained himself this way to Fox News:

– It was very clear what I meant. I said we are very concerned about crime. I love Milwaukee, I have good friends in Milwaukee, but the crime is terrible. We must be very careful. But I also pointed out the election, the ballots, the way it went, it was very bad in Milwaukee. He said: Very, very bad.

However, Democrats did not let such an opportunity pass them by.

– Add that to the list of things Donald Trump got wrong, the Democratic governor of Wisconsin wrote Tony Evers on X Added clown emoji.

President Biden chose a slightly more diplomatic alternative.

“I love Milwaukee,” the president wrote on X and attached a photo when he welcomed the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks to the White House in 2022.

Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, sends a direct message to voters in the state.

– Let's be clear: Milwaukee is not a terrible city – and Wisconsin citizens should remember what Donald Trump thinks about them when they vote in November, he said in a statement, according to a statement. The New York Times.

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