Donald Trump – Stopped by the Internal Rebellion

Donald Trump - Stopped by the Internal Rebellion

New York (Dagbladet): The former US president is still claiming without any documents that the elections were stolen from him.

Thursday’s investigation report came from the Democratic-led Senate Justice Committee. They looked at how he behaved toward the US Department of Justice after the election defeat. It is a shocking read for many.

It is covered by a large number of international media, such as WatchmanAnd AP And CNN.

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After the November elections, which Trump lost by a clear margin to the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, Trump desperately tried to reverse the outcome of the election. In December, Attorney General William Barr resigned. He explained that he found no evidence of allegations of electoral fraud on a large scale. Jeffrey Rosen was then appointed acting attorney general.

For his part, Trump has tried to appoint a more loyal attorney general so that he can use the department to overturn the election result. But this attempt was halted by an internal uprising in which many threatened to give up their jobs, according to the latest report.

“This moment was shockingly close to tearing up the Constitution because Donald Trump tried to undermine and corrupt the Constitution and the Department of Justice,” Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal said after the report was released.

Already on election night, Trump tried to declare himself the winner. This was followed by a long and long series of lawsuits. They ended up losing after losing to Trump because his lawyers, led by Rudy Giuliani, did not present convincing evidence of allegations of widespread electoral fraud.

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In the first stage, Trump goes to court. Every lawsuit alleging electoral fraud loses. He then decides to take over the Department of Justice and the attorney general, and use the attorney general to promote a narrative of states to get them to stop handing ballot papers from the Electoral College. When it fails, the third step is to unleash the rally against Congress the day we talked about the votes, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin told CNN.

In severe weather: Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s attorney, is under investigation. Federal agents searched his home and office on Wednesday, April 28.
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Meeting at the White House

The Senate report describes, among other things, a meeting at the White House on the evening of January 3. There, Trump was said to have considered firing Attorney General Rosen and appointing Attorney General Jeffrey Clark to take over.

“One thing we know is that you, Rosen, are not going to do anything to reverse the course of the election,” Trump told Rosen at the meeting, according to the report.

Clark is said to have been more open to pursuing Trump’s not entirely documented allegations of election fraud, and has pressured Rosen to say publicly that they are being investigated. But several people present during the three-hour meeting told Trump they would resign if he appointed the acting attorney general.

White House attorney Pat Cipollone is said to have referred to a letter from Clark urging elected officials in Georgia to hold a special hearing on the election results. Georgia is one of the states that Trump lost, as the state’s Republican-elected representatives have come under enormous pressure from Trump.

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However, Cipollone described Clarke’s proposal as a “murder-suicide pact”. Cipollone was also said to have threatened to resign during the White House meeting, according to the report.

– Does not follow the Internet

Richard Donoghue, who was the acting deputy attorney general under Rosen, is said to have warned Trump that all of the assistant state attorneys, and possibly other attorneys general and other senior media workers, would resign in droves if Trump replaced Rosen with Clark.

The Senate report, which is no more than 400 pages long, also wrote that Trump had called Rosen, Donoghue, or both at least nine times and demanded to know why the Justice Department had not done more to investigate unsubstantiated allegations that the election was stolen from him.

Enough is enough: Fox News host Laura Ingraham has long been a strong advocate and supporter of Donald Trump. Here you get enough of the ex. Video: Fox News. Reporter: Elias Cr. Saturn Petersen
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“You don’t follow the internet the way I do,” Trump is said to both Donoghue and Rosen.

“The Department of Justice cannot be content with simply changing the election,” Rosen was quoted by CNN as saying.

He is said to have prompted Trump to ask the Department of Justice to release an official statement that the election was corrupt.

“Leave the rest to me and Republican politics,” Trump said, according to the report.

This came after the ministry investigated the allegations and found no evidence of widespread electoral fraud.

Brain Trump: During Saturday’s hearing in the Supreme Court case, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell explained what he thinks about the storming of Capitol Hill and Donald Trump.
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Serious and permanent damage

The Senate Justice Committee says the report is preliminary, and that they will continue to interview witnesses and investigate the incident.

These results show how close Donald Trump and his followers are to demolishing the barriers of democracy. To give life to Trump’s election lies, Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse told the press, Jeffrey Clark then managed to take control of the Department of Justice where he would have caused massive and lasting damage.

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A few days after the January 6 White House meeting, it all culminated when thousands of angry Trump supporters attacked Congress. Then Trump told them to go your course and “fight like hell” because he claimed the elections had been stolen from him.

Referred to as a hero

The committee’s Republicans also sent their report Thursday through the office of Senator Chuck Grassley. They have largely remained loyal to Trump even after the deadly attack on Congress.

In the report, they painted Trump as a hero, ignoring Clarke’s proposals and refusing to fire the Justice Department’s top leadership.

The report comes with a somewhat shocking claim that Trump was concerned about the electoral system in general rather than himself. This is despite the fact that he has publicly struggled to stay in the White House and has also pressured Vice President Mike Pence for help, the Associated Press writes.

“Trump listened to senior advisers and followed their advice and recommendations,” the Republican report said.

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