Drew Barrymore after the criticism: – I am very sorry

Drew Barrymore after the criticism: – I am very sorry

Drew Barrymore (48 years old) apologizes for resuming the recording of her talk show.


When Drew Barrymore announced she would resume taping “The Drew Barrymore Show” in the middle of it Hollywood strike continuesThe criticism was praised by both fans and colleagues.

In an Instagram video posted on Friday, Norwegian time, Barrymore apologized for the decision, but chose to continue the program.

-I just want everyone to know that my intentions were never in a place to upset or hurt anyone. She says and continues: This is not who I am.

– I have gone through many ups and downs in my life, and this is one of them. I’m so sorry for the book. I’m so sorry for the unions.

Talk show host: The program has been taken off the air

– This is bigger than me

For five months, unionized screenwriters in Hollywood have been on strike. At the beginning of July, actors followed suit.

This led to a sudden halt and indefinite delay of a number of film and television productions.

“I think there’s nothing I can do or say at this moment to make this right,” Barrymore says.

Moreover, the TV presenter made it clear that she completely understands people who do not support her choice, but the show will continue to be broadcast – according to WGAWGAWriters Guild of America (WGA), the professional organization for screenwriters.– the rules.

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– I wanted to do that, as I said before, because he is older than me. And other people’s jobs are at stake.

Many expressed great disappointment after Barrymore’s decision. «you know better”«Now I felt sad” And “Please change your mind» were some of the reactions during an Instagram post shared earlier this week.

Effects of the long conflict

Both screenwriters and actors are demanding increased wages and income from broadcast channels to keep up with rising prices. They also demand protection from the consequences that the use of artificial intelligence may have on workers in the film industry.

We have to go back 60 years to find an equally widespread strike in Hollywood, where both writers and actors took action equally.

In contrast to many other areas of American working life, labor unions are strong in the film industry. This conflict is expected to last a long time. Some media estimate that the parties could keep things as they are for the rest of the year.


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