Emily Enger Mehl, Jonas Kahr Store

Emily Enger Mehl, Jonas Kahr Store

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In October 2021, Emily Enger Mehl (30) was sworn in as the country’s youngest Minister of Justice and Emergency Preparedness. She was 28 years old when she got the job offer.

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In the latest episode A podcast for the website 730.no Mehl tells us what led to the job offer and what went through her mind when she got a phone call from Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Storr, 63, with a ministerial question.

– It’s a bit overwhelming, the 30-year-old admits on the podcast.

– thank you very much

Mehl has been active in the Center Party for many years when he stood as a candidate for the county council in Hedmark in 2015.

Two years later, he was nominated to the Storting and became a parliamentary candidate for Hedmark along with his party colleague Trygve Slacksvold Vedum (44). During this period, he visited both the Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee and gained a lot of knowledge about it.

In 2021, the Labor Party and the Center Party formed a government, and then Mehl became an apt name.

– First of all, this is a huge confidence vote. Because one says, “I believe you will make it.” This is probably one of the greatest compliments you can receive. And that’s one of the things I’m most appreciative of – I met people who dared to believe in me. Give me hope. That’s what he and Trygway did there. “I’m very grateful for that,” the politician says in the podcast episode.

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Young Minister of State

As noted, Mehl is Norway’s youngest justice and emergency minister, but he says in the podcast that youth is something he rarely thinks about.

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– Actually I think other people think more about my age than I do. I never got too hung up on it. Of course it’s young, I understand that it’s not, but I’m eager to do the work, says the 30-year-old about the topic.

In addition to a long political career and experience, Mehl is a trained lawyer. When she became minister in 2021, the store was full of praise for the then 28-year-old Emily Enger Mehl.

– He is doing a great job at a young age, but we are confident that we have got a visionary and energetic politician to tackle this sector, the Prime Minister said confidently. NRK After.

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